Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am only 5% Yankee!! YAY!! I am a Dixie Girl!

Your Linguistic Profile::
55% General American English
25% Dixie
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Yankee
0% Midwestern
I am glad that I am only 5% Yankee!! That is good! Hehehe!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

In Loving Memory

Ronald Douglas Brown
May 23, 1946 - October 01, 1968

Ronald Douglas Brown was born on May 23, 1946 in Geneva Ohio to Louis and Jessie Brown. He graduated from Jefferson High School in June of 1964. He was involved in sports such as wrestling for 2 years, track, football for 2 years and basketball.
He was saved in either his junior high or high school years and about 2 years later he told his wife that he felt like the Lord was calling him to preach. He got married in December 18, 1966. He went to military school after going to Kent State University for 2 years, he was in Fort Benning, GA when he was in Military school.
He was a First Lieutenant when he was told that he was going to Vietnam. He left behind a wife and a newborn son. One of the letters he wrote while he was there told of how much he believed and trusted in what he was doing. This is what the letter said.

"So far, I enjoy being a soldier. It's something that I know I have to do. It's something I am proud of. If freedom to live as you and I want and if freedom for our children and their children is worth having, it's something worth defending. I'm glad I'm doing it because before I felt guilty about enjoying the freedoms without doing one thing to deserve them. Some people call it patriotism, I call it having a conscience. I want our children to grow up and not be prohibited from worshipping God. America is the foundation of spiritual freedom and if America went down to it's enemies, Christianity would be lost. It isn't right that men should have to kill others for the purpose of peace, but it had to be done. I know, God knows, that we have no other choice. He knows that no one wants to kill. "

He had only been in Vietnam one month when he was told to move to the village called Huong Lam where a fire fight broke out. He was wounded in that fire fight, he was shot in the abdomen. Because of the intensity of the battle he was not able to be gotten to. He laid there in the field for 48 hours before someone was able to get to him, by that time he was already gone. He was the first one out of Jefferson Oh. to be killed in the Vietnam War. He died on October 1, 1968.
He was First Lieutenant Ronald D. Brown in Company D, 1st Battalion, 46th Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade.
His son was only 4 months old when he was killed. His son grew up never knowing his Daddy, only hearing about how his Daddy was a hero. Those that knew him said that he had a warm personality and compassion for his men. He was 22 years of age when he died.
He was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star along with several other medals. To this day he is well remembered by his wife who told all her memories to her son.
I chose to do this man because this man is a very special man to me.

In Memory Of
Ronald Douglas Brown
~Fallen Not Forgotten~
1) He stood beside his daddy And watched the solders marching by It was Veteran's Day and he wondered Why there were tears in daddy's eyes Later they laid flowers Beside a monument of stone He said, My daddy went to fight And didn't make it home.
CHORUS: Fallen, not forgotten He was a hero He stood so tall And forever, we will remember With honor and glory, He gave his all.
2) They left behind their families And the towns where they were born For the rice paddies of Vietnam And the sands of Desert Storm They were soldiers in Korea And World War One And World War Two They paid the price Some gave their lives And they fought for me and you.
CHORUS: Fallen, not forgotten They were the heroes Who stood so tall And forever, we will remember With honor and glory, They gave their all.
Bridge: Now freedom is a blessing But freedom has a price And we must remember those Who paid it with their lives.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aquarium Pictures.

This is a sting ray. We actually got to pet these, they had them in a tank
with a shark that was related to the hammer head.

The jellyfish were really cool, they had 3 different kinds there.

This is one of the clear jellyfish, they had neon lights going in the
tank and I got a good one with the green light. Just for you Courtney!!!

I love this picture!! I just love that color!

This is the tropical was really cool!!

Karlee was amazed with the tropical reaf. They had it set up so that the top was curved and they had a wave affect.

Michelle, Karlee and myself in the tropical reaf.

A sea horse.
Beautiful huh? I don't remember where this was, but I loved it!

Karlee was amazed once again!

This is the acrylic tunnel, it was AWESOME!

A school of sting rays.

Karlee looking up in the acrylic tunnel.

Ooh....a shark!

This was really neat! It was about 50 feet wide and 30 feet tall. It had huge fish and sharks and everything!! It was awesome as well.

This fish decided that it would stare me down, so I decided that I would do the same while I took the picture. The fish was HUGE!!!

Another beautiful picture that I don't know what it is!!

A cool star fish!! I loved it. It was pink!!!

This is one of the beluga whales, they were really cool. This perticular one was a really big show off, he was rolling and flipping and just really being cute!! They are huge!

An African Penguine.

This is the cutest sea otter that I have ever seen!!'s the only sea otter that I have ever seen. But he was just so cute. He was playing with a piece of rubber tubing, he was throwing it and bitting on it. It was just too cute!!

Me, Michelle and Karlee in front of the water fall in the Fresh water section.

These are interresting. They are electic catfish. They are pretty cool looking!

Pirhanas!! They were so cool!!! They just sat there, they never hardly moved!

A sea turtle!! I gave it a name!! CRUSH!! You so totally rock!! Give me some fin, noggin', DUDE!!

I don't know what these are but they are interresting!! They were very ugy!! They were in the touch and feel section. I did not touch these!! I'll stick with the sting rays!!


I had a great time at the aquarium! It was so much fun. These are only a few of the pictures that I took. I took 140 of them, I don't think that I could put ALL of them on here! Well....hope you enjoyed looking at them. I had a great time taking them!

Monday, May 22, 2006

A special post coming up.

I am gonna be doing a special post on Monday for Memorial day. I hope that everyone will be able to come and read it when it is posted. It is a dear story to me!!

Things have been going well. My tooth is not hurting at all and I am able to eat!!! Hehehe! Tomorrow we will be going bowling with some friends for Michelle's birthday. She will be 16 tomorrow. Hard to believe that is for sure. Especially when you remember being like 5 and 6 years old and throwing algea (sp) from the creek at the side of your house!!!! Yes...we really did do that. We were bad kids, we also threw noodles out of the Chicken noodle soup at the wall in the dining room when we were about that age. There are alot of memories! that I have brought back some "painful" memories. I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to my little sister Michelle!!

Have a good day!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chipped tooth, therapy, lunch, dentist and dinner with a straw.

It all started out really well today at 7:30 when I got up, but as the day progressed things got worse!!! Let's start with the chipped tooth.
Okay....9:37 A.M. I was riding down the road in our expedition when suddenly I ran my tongue across my teeth and felt this rough indention on a tooth. So I took out my little mirror to see what it was, and sure enough I had chipped my tooth. The amazing thing about it was that I had had nothing to eat at all and had no hard candy or gum. So by now I am thinking about what in the world chipped my tooth, while thinking I realized "Wow, this thing hurts!!". The good thing is that later in the day I would have a dental appointment and they would fix it. So I sat back and tried to enjoy the rest of the ride to the therapy place.

10:30 A.M. We went back in the BIG therapy room for Michelle's thumb theropy. That was the first time that I had gone to one with her. It was interresting that is for sure! After and hour of joking, laughing and Michelle working her thumb we left there and headed for lunch.

11:45 A.M. We went to Zaxbys for lunch and I tried to get something that I could eat with a chipped tooth. Well...I thought that I could eat their chicken fingers okay.......I thought WRONG!!! I tried chewing on the other side of my mouth, but it did not work out so well, I was getting stuff into that other tooth and it hurt. So needless to say, I did not eat lunch!!!

1:49 P.M. I was in the dental chair (anyone that knows me knows that I don't like going to the dentist at all) and she was poking my teeth and getting them all clean. We were having a good time and all.....until she called in Dr. Watts! He came in and looked at the x-rays and shook his head. Come to find out, because of the braces and me not being able to get them brushed as good as before I had them......I's bad........8 cavities!!! I know, I know it's pretty bad!!! It wasn't my fault though. He told me that it usually happens when people have braces. After all that bad news....I was expecting to get that tooth fixed while I was there. NO!! That is not what he had in mind. He told me to go make an appointment for him to fix the cavities. I was a bit worried when the appointment turned out to be not for another 3 WEEKS!!!! After hoping that I would get it fixed and being a little disappointed we left.

About 5:15 P.M. I asked for tomato soup for dinner, something I could eat with the chipped tooth. I tried to eat it, but it just would not work really well with a spoon. So after thinking about how to eat.....I said "I know what I'll do, I'll just eat it with a straw." Momma laughed and said "Eat it with a straw...that's funny!!!". So without much deliberation, I sipped my soup with a straw!! And that so far has been my day! I hope that everyone else got a much better one than me!!! God Bless!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Today is my Daddy's 38th birthday! He is working and will not get home till later tonight.
For his birthday we got him his favorite show of all time............
The Andy Griffith Show.
The complete 5th season. He should have a time watching those.
Love ya!

We were playing The Game of Life last night with Marcy and we had a blast!! In the game I was an Athlete and made $70,000.00 a year and lived in the Split level home and I had 1 son. Michelle was an Artist, made $40,000.00 a year and lived in a beach house with no kids. Marcy was a Policeman, made $100,000.00 a year and she lived in the Penthouse with 4 2 boys and 2 girls. After taking 1 hour and 45 minutes to play the game....I won!!! I had $2,835,000.00!!! I had a blast playing it! Today I am going over to Marcy's house and I will help her clean and then we are going to Walmart. Then we have prayer meeting tonight! Everyone have a good day!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The night sky. peaceful!!!
So pretty!
This one is my favorite!
I took these pictures last night after church at about 8:15. The sky last night just looked so awesome to me that I had to get a picture of it. Well...I guess that I took several pictures of it!!
Things here today are going good and smooth, for now anyways!! In about an hour our Uncle Chris is going to take Michelle and I out to eat. We are going to Zaxbys!! YUM!! Then later on today Jessica is coming over to have her evening with her boyfriend! I am supposed to make brownies for tonight, I am planning on it anyway! Hope everyone has a good day!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Peace, wonderful peace.

Far away in the depths of my spirit tonight
Rolls a melody sweeter than psalm
In celestial like strains it unceasingly falls
O'er my soul like an infinite calm.
Peace, peace, wonderful peace
Coming down from the Father above
Sweep over my spirit forever I pray
In fathomless billows of love.
Ah, soul are you here without comfort or rest
Marching down the rough pathway of time
Make Jesus your friend ere the shadows grow dark
O, accept this sweet peace so sublime.
Peace, peace, wonderful peace
Coming down from the Father above
Sweep over my spirit forever I pray
In fathomless billows of love.

Monday, May 08, 2006

No need to doubt Him now.

1) Looking back through the years
The heartaches and tears
My Lord has never once let me down
Though I don't understand
For He said that His grace would abound.
No need to doubt Him now
He'll make a way some how
Safely this far Jesus has brought me
No need to doubt Him now.
2) Child of God have no fear
Though your path seems unclear
Some day God's plan will unfold
He has never never failed
He has always preveiled
The Lord is still in control.
No need to doubt Him now
He'll make a way some how
Safely this far Jesus has brought me
No need to doubt Him now.
I am so glad that God will always be there for me no matter what the problem or trial may be!! He will never leave me nor forsake me!! I am so gald for that!! God has always be there!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

I've been tagged! is the deal...Courtney tagged me with a Mothers Day Tag. I am to give 14 things about my mother and tag 5 other people. Here it goes!!!

1- She never heard the name Jesus till she moved to GA.
2- She was saved at the age of 28.
3- She is the oldest of 3 children, but her mom miscarried before she had concieved Momma.
4- She absolutely hates to read, except her Bible.
5- When she laughs hard she talks whale....there is an explaination!!
6- She has 3 WONDERFUL kids...(LOL!! Had to!!)
7- She hates to talk on the phone.
8- She was born in Iowa.
9- She has lived in Kansas, Ohio, Iowa and Georgia.
10-Her favorite color is red.
11-She write letters IN birthday cards, or any card!!
12-She thinks the Lord is coming back before Ronnie gets married!
13-She married a Policeman-Investigator-Pastor.
14-She collects lighthouses and loves what they represent.

There they are!! Okay....I am tagging...................................

4.Rachel Marie
I did not have 5 people to here they are! Have fun!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Elizabeth and me.

These pictures are of my Best Friend Elizabeth and myself. They were taken last night when they came to our revival.

The revival has been going really good. It was awesome last night, Bro. Darrell preached on The Power of Prayer. Today is going to be a really busy day, I am doing my laundry today instead of doing it yesterday. Momma had to do laundry yesterday, so I was pushed up a day. Pray for the meeting tonight!!! Till next time!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Glasses

Yesterday I got my new glasses. My perscription was not that much different so I did not have any major headaches from them. I also got perscriptioned sunglasses, they look really funny on me so I don't think that I will put a picture of me wearing them on here. I like these a whole lot better than the ones that I had, they are smaller!! The others ones that I had were huge and I could not stand them. My glasses came in at just the right time too. Saturday night I was cleaning my glasses after the prayer meeting and I looked down at them and one of the nose pieces was gone. I found the nose piece, but the screw that held it on was missing. There was me and momma down on our hands and knees looking for this little itty bitty screw. Needless to say we never found it. So I had been wearing my glasses with the nose piece that had no screw to hold it on. So I am glad that my new glasses came in when they did!! Oh yes, the precious little girl that is with me is my cousin Karlee!

Camping Pictures. they are!! The pictures that you all have been waiting for. Hope you enjoy them. We had alot of fun camping and I would do it again in a heart beat!! I had a GREAT time!!
Here is Michelle on a horse for the very first time.

Here I am petting a horse named Liberty, it think that it was a really sweet horse...but ugly!!
This is (R-L) Nicole, Me, Maegan and Michelle standing in front of the bonfire that they had going. It was really, really HOT!! It kept us really warm.
Here is the bonfire. It was HUGE!!
It's Me!! Yep...that's right this was my first time on a horse as well. I must say that it looks natural.
Michelle and Nicole at Sis. Donna's house before we left for the trip.
Here is the Host's house. That is just the back of it. It is beautiful!!!
The Cow Pasture.
Nicole, Michelle and Maegan.
Nicole, me and Maegan.