Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aquarium Pictures.

This is a sting ray. We actually got to pet these, they had them in a tank
with a shark that was related to the hammer head.

The jellyfish were really cool, they had 3 different kinds there.

This is one of the clear jellyfish, they had neon lights going in the
tank and I got a good one with the green light. Just for you Courtney!!!

I love this picture!! I just love that color!

This is the tropical was really cool!!

Karlee was amazed with the tropical reaf. They had it set up so that the top was curved and they had a wave affect.

Michelle, Karlee and myself in the tropical reaf.

A sea horse.
Beautiful huh? I don't remember where this was, but I loved it!

Karlee was amazed once again!

This is the acrylic tunnel, it was AWESOME!

A school of sting rays.

Karlee looking up in the acrylic tunnel.

Ooh....a shark!

This was really neat! It was about 50 feet wide and 30 feet tall. It had huge fish and sharks and everything!! It was awesome as well.

This fish decided that it would stare me down, so I decided that I would do the same while I took the picture. The fish was HUGE!!!

Another beautiful picture that I don't know what it is!!

A cool star fish!! I loved it. It was pink!!!

This is one of the beluga whales, they were really cool. This perticular one was a really big show off, he was rolling and flipping and just really being cute!! They are huge!

An African Penguine.

This is the cutest sea otter that I have ever seen!!'s the only sea otter that I have ever seen. But he was just so cute. He was playing with a piece of rubber tubing, he was throwing it and bitting on it. It was just too cute!!

Me, Michelle and Karlee in front of the water fall in the Fresh water section.

These are interresting. They are electic catfish. They are pretty cool looking!

Pirhanas!! They were so cool!!! They just sat there, they never hardly moved!

A sea turtle!! I gave it a name!! CRUSH!! You so totally rock!! Give me some fin, noggin', DUDE!!

I don't know what these are but they are interresting!! They were very ugy!! They were in the touch and feel section. I did not touch these!! I'll stick with the sting rays!!


I had a great time at the aquarium! It was so much fun. These are only a few of the pictures that I took. I took 140 of them, I don't think that I could put ALL of them on here! Well....hope you enjoyed looking at them. I had a great time taking them!


Three Sisters Blog said...

The pictures are totally neat!! Great post. 3 Sisters

Nikki said...

Great pictures!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Great pics!!!
Thank you SOOOO much for the LIME GREEN one!!!! :)
It looked like there were a lot of people there.