Wednesday, September 20, 2006

2 days and counting!!!

Yeppers!! 2 DAYS!! I will be 18 on Friday, 2 days! I am excited and upset at the same time. I don't want to grow up. I went to a revival last night at our home church and had people telling me "Oh your growing up so fast!"....I have to agree, it's all happening so so so fast!! It seems like I was just waiting to turn 13 and now here I am on the brink of 18. Time goes by too fast.

What we normally do on my birthday is I plan the dinner for that night, we ask all the family over and I cook the dinner. I normally cook something that I have never cooked before. That is what the tradition is for my birthday. Ronnie and Michelle have different traditions, but that is what my birthday consist of! I enjoy my birthdays so much!! This year Jessica will be apart of my birthday, I am really looking forward to it!!

As I mentioned earlier I went with Ronnie to our home church's campmeeting last night and heard Bro. Darrell Hayes and Bro. Don Strange preach. Both of the messages were really good. We got there after the service started because of Ronnie working, but we still got to hear all of both messages. Well....I am gonna get off here, eat my MilkyWay and pick out what I am gonna wear tonight for church. TOODLES!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've left it too long!!

I must apologize, I have left you for to long. I feel terrible!! Really I do, see I must explain. Things have been what you would say.....busy, but alas that is no reason to forsake such a good friend.

Okay, okay.....I wanted to have a little fun with it just for a sec!! LOL it says things have been busy and still look that way. Michelle is starting therapy today, from what I know anyway. She was taken out of her cast yesterday and put into a splint. She is already tired of the splint. Momma will probably posting pictures of Michelle's thumb. It looks kinda eeww like. Hehehehe! Just so everyone knows, I wanted to post a tribute to 9/11 but I never got the chance to get on here. I did read many posts about 9/11 and enjoyed them all!! Thanks to everyone who posted about it!

Well...Karlee will be getting here any minute, so I must leave you once more. I do not know when I shall return my friends. No matter when that may be "I shall return!"


Thursday, September 07, 2006

"A Poem"

I was in bed the other night studying and God gave me this poem. It has no title, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what to title it, feel free to give me some ideas. Hope you enjoy it!!!!

It ran from his head down to his feet
His blood was shed from the places they beat
His head, his back, his hands and his legs
Oh what a terrible, horrible day.

The people that watched him wondered and asked
How long will his agony last?
Till morning or night when will he die?
Others there shouted He is not God, He is a lie.

Our Savior hung, bled and died
He shed his blood for those that lied
He loved them and wanted all of them to see
Heaven is really as true as can be.

He shed his blood for all to be freed
To accept his offer of eternity
I accepted his offer with joy and glee
And now can I say I'm free, I'm free.


Monday, September 04, 2006

What I did this weekend.

I have not been on here posting in a while, so I thought that I would tell you or rather show you what I did this weekend. Below are some pictures of what went on. I was not able to show you about Sunday and today, but I can tell you!!
Sunday was GREAT! We had a good crowd on yesterday morning and last night was down a little, but Tim (my uncle) got baptized after the evening service. He was saved sometime last year and never got baptized so he wanted to get that done. Then afterwards I went with Chris (my uncle) and his fiance Elizabeth to get ice cream at DQ, which was really good by the way!!
Today I went bowling with Ronnie and Michelle, I bowled 12 straight games and Ronnie bowled 22 straight games!!! Don't worry......we bowl for free, my grandmother works there and has built up so much credit. I can see some of you going "WOW...I wonder what the bill looked like!!" , now that I have put your minds at ease. :) I plan to help with dinner and be very sore. I hope that all of you have or had a good Labor day!!!
FRIDAY: On Friday we went bowling with Jessica and her sister Kimberly. We had a really good time. Bowled, ate some pizza and got a frozen coke (Thanks Sis.Karen).
Kimberly at the bowling center.
Jessica bowling.
Kimberly, Michelle, Grandma, Me and Jessica at the end of our bowling trip. We had a lot of fun. I lost all 3 games that I played to Jessica. She did not beat me by much though!!
SATURDAY: On Saturday we went to Tim and Latisha's house to watch the first day of College football. We spent the day there playing around, eating and watching some football.
Karlee, Michelle and Latisha fixing the food.
Time to watch some football!! GO DAWGS!
Karlee sitting on the floor playing with my camera case.
Ronnie, Latisha and Daddy watching the GA Bulldogs.
Time to eat!!!!
Ronnie watching some football.
Michelle is wearing Karlee's hat....cute huh?
Ronnie and Tim's pitbull Hollywood.
Latisha and me on her couch in the sunroom.
And for the finally me and Michelle in Latisha's sunroom. Good pic huh?