Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've left it too long!!

I must apologize, I have left you for to long. I feel terrible!! Really I do, see I must explain. Things have been what you would say.....busy, but alas that is no reason to forsake such a good friend.

Okay, okay.....I wanted to have a little fun with it just for a sec!! LOL it says things have been busy and still look that way. Michelle is starting therapy today, from what I know anyway. She was taken out of her cast yesterday and put into a splint. She is already tired of the splint. Momma will probably posting pictures of Michelle's thumb. It looks kinda eeww like. Hehehehe! Just so everyone knows, I wanted to post a tribute to 9/11 but I never got the chance to get on here. I did read many posts about 9/11 and enjoyed them all!! Thanks to everyone who posted about it!

Well...Karlee will be getting here any minute, so I must leave you once more. I do not know when I shall return my friends. No matter when that may be "I shall return!"



Lydia said...

Hi Kristina, I am wearing a splint too but I get it off next week also I have got a new blog.
Lydia ( 3 sisters)

Jessica said...

Hey girl..... I wondered if you were EVER going to post again!! LOL!! Of course, I can't say much, I haven't posted mush lately either.

I had fun tonight, we will have to do that more often!!

Love ya, Jessica

jennifer said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Enjoy every minute you can! Thanks be to God for giving you another birthday!