Friday, April 28, 2006

Guest Blogger

While Kristina is away on her camping trip I thought I would update you all on how she is doing. First of all...this is her momma updating you.

I spoke to her and her sister this morning and they are doing fine. They were up till about 1:00 this morning after getting in from shopping to get some things for the camping trip. They said they had to go to Walmart cause nothing else was open that late...DUH!! Anyway...they went back to Sis. Donna and Bro. Danny's house and talked with Sis. Donna for a while then they got in the bed by 1:00. They were up at about 9:00 this morning.

I believe they are on their way up to the farm where they will be taking part in some youth activities and eating and preaching and at dark there will be a bonfire. They are to check in at 4:00 so I'm sure they are on their way now since it is going on 3:30 and they have a 45 minute trip to get there from where the Stanford's live.

They are having a good time. I'm just praying that they don't break bones and such. Kristina is pretty tough but Michelle breaks things easily. And they will be riding a horse for the first time!! That is scary!! I do believe that they will have a guide to walk along beside the horse keeping control of it at all least that is what I was told...LOL!!

Please pray for them and I'm sure Kris will have plenty of pictures to share with you when she gets back. So look forward to those.....I know I am!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nursery stuff and camping.

Today I helped move some stuff into the nursery of our church. We have not had one since we have been there and that has been 5 years. So we are getting things together and getting stuff ready to start a nursery this coming Sunday, when our Revival starts.

We are starting a Revival this coming week with Bro. Darrell Hayes. It will start everynight Monday- Friday at 7:30 P.M.

I will not be posting anything from now until about Saturday night...Maybe. Michelle and I are going camping with some friends of ours at the church. Neither me or Michelle have been camping before. We will be camping, fishing and having a bonfire. I have never been fishing either....that is gonna be interresting. I will post pictures when I get back!! Pray that neither me or Michelle gets hurt on this trip...there is a possibility of us riding horses too...something else that we have never done. PRAY FOR US!!!! LOL

Monday, April 24, 2006

"What if you never marry?" and "What about going to college?"

The other day I was with my Uncle and he started a "what if" question session, and the first question he asked was " What if you never marry, would you still live at home?" I told him that yes I would still live at home and he gave me a very puzzled look and said "Why?". The answer that I gave my uncle was, because the Bible says that I am to stay at home until the day I marry. In Genesis 2:24 it says: Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And in Matthew 19:5 it says: And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and the twain shall be one flesh? may say "That only talks about the man.", why would God tell the man no to leaving the home and the woman yes? That is because he didn't. He is telling US, as in men and women that we should not leave the home until the day that we marry.
The time that a guy is at home before he married is for him to get a good stable job and save money so that he can provide for a family one day. With the girls it is to learn how to cook, take care of kids by helping with younger siblings and clean.
The question: What if you never get married? The answer: I would live at home and be the biggest help that I could be to my parents.

Okay, onto to the next question that my Uncle asked me. "What about going to college?" and my answer to that is, by going to college you are leaving the protection and authority of the parents. Let me remind you of those verses in the beginning of the post, they said leave father and mother to cleave to your spouse. God said not to leave the home till the day that you get married. I am not at all against getting a college education, but get it by doing correspondences. My Uncle asked me if I had a desire to further my education by going to college, and I told him that no I didn't. "So you are content to just be a housewife and a mother?" I told him yes that is all that I want to be. That is what the bible instructs me to be, and that is what I want.

"Well, other than the Bible would you say that your education is important to you?" I said "Yes it is." "Then why hold to the Bible only and why not further your education, because that is what people these days hold to." He walked away before I could answer it, but here is my answer.

#1- I am not going out and getting a job, so I really don't have to depend upon having a college education.
#2- If the Bible tells me not to leave the home, I'm not going to!

If I had to chose between my Bible and my education, I will take my Bible!! My education will not bring me a Godly husband, and my education will not bring me close to God and help me live a clean life before Him.. You may say "The Bible won't either." , but by having my Bible I know to pray for a Godly husband, and I know to pray for God's help to live a clean life. The Bible does tell us how to get close to God and how to live for Him.

I pray that this was a help to someone, I felt impressed to do this. Hope it was a help.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Changin' things.

Today we have been on here changing some things on here and my Xanga. It has been both fun and aggrivating!!! Other than all that stuff that I have been doing....things have been busy. I wrote out a devotion today on Ruth for a girls email group that I am with. I don't know when I will be sending it in, but I hope that God uses it. It is not your normal story on Ruth. I can't give to much away because Courtney is in that group too, but it about Ruth and her gleaning in the fields of Boaz and that is all that I am gonna say about it. I will post it when I send it into the email group.
Things here have been pretty busy for us durring this week. Karlee has been really fussy because of a rash that has broke out all over her body and makes her itch so bad. Pray that it would get cleared away fast. The doctor said that it should go away in about a month, but Karlee has already scratched some places raw to where they are bleeding. She is miserable.
Tonight I plan to just lounge around and do nothing!!! That sounds like a good plan to me!! I am tired. Ronnie is over Jessica's and will be there till late tonight, Michelle spends her time in her room being alone and I normally watch a movie or read a book. Tonight I am gonna study 1 John for our bible quiz that is coming up in July. I hope that the team I am captain of wins this time. Jessica and I are the captains of the teams. We are not allowed to be on the same team, I was told that it was because we are the ones that answer most of the questions and if we were on the same team then our team would be unbeatable. Oh well, I am proud to be the captain of the (no matter how many times we lose) #1 team!!!
Well....I am gonna go...this turned out being long than I wanted, sorry!! Hope you enjoyed it though!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am here again!!

I have decided that I am gonna do the both of them. I have found a way to do it!! I am gonna do one of them every other day. I think that will work, I hope so anyway. I would really like to do the both of them. I was gonna put some pictures on here for y'all to see, but they won't load at all. Hopefully I can get them to load later. Have a good day!!