Friday, April 21, 2006

Changin' things.

Today we have been on here changing some things on here and my Xanga. It has been both fun and aggrivating!!! Other than all that stuff that I have been doing....things have been busy. I wrote out a devotion today on Ruth for a girls email group that I am with. I don't know when I will be sending it in, but I hope that God uses it. It is not your normal story on Ruth. I can't give to much away because Courtney is in that group too, but it about Ruth and her gleaning in the fields of Boaz and that is all that I am gonna say about it. I will post it when I send it into the email group.
Things here have been pretty busy for us durring this week. Karlee has been really fussy because of a rash that has broke out all over her body and makes her itch so bad. Pray that it would get cleared away fast. The doctor said that it should go away in about a month, but Karlee has already scratched some places raw to where they are bleeding. She is miserable.
Tonight I plan to just lounge around and do nothing!!! That sounds like a good plan to me!! I am tired. Ronnie is over Jessica's and will be there till late tonight, Michelle spends her time in her room being alone and I normally watch a movie or read a book. Tonight I am gonna study 1 John for our bible quiz that is coming up in July. I hope that the team I am captain of wins this time. Jessica and I are the captains of the teams. We are not allowed to be on the same team, I was told that it was because we are the ones that answer most of the questions and if we were on the same team then our team would be unbeatable. Oh well, I am proud to be the captain of the (no matter how many times we lose) #1 team!!!
Well....I am gonna go...this turned out being long than I wanted, sorry!! Hope you enjoyed it though!


Jessica said...

Hey Kris,
I'm glad you've decided to do your Blog page again..... It's gotten kinda lonely without you!! :)

I can't wait to read your devotion about Ruth!! Actually, I can't wait to read my devotion either!! It should be interesting!! :)

What kind of rash does Karlee have?? Poor thing, I haven't even seen her in over a week!! :(

Oh, and YEA your team is going to lose BAD!! LOL!! You know I'm just kidding, I really don't know this time, we both have some GOOD team members!!! It will be an interesting Bible Quiz, that's for sure!! :)

Well I'll see ya in the morning,
Love ya, Jessica

Bro Tim said...

JUst letting you know i check your post. Bro Tim