Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Pictures VII

~The Reception~

Wedding Pictures VI

~The Bride and Groom~
(if our smiles don't look as "happy" as they should, it was a VERY hot day and had been smiling for hours!)

Grabbing a kiss at the reception

Wedding Pictures V

~The Groom~

Wedding Pictures IV

~The Bride~

Wedding Pictures III

~Getting Ready~

Getting my makeup done

Momma helping my with my dress


Daddy seeing me in my dress for the first time

Having prayer before the ceremony

Bro. Joe trying to bribe me out of marrying Josh with some Jelly Bellies

...then he tried to bribe me with a wad of $20's...I was thinking about it! LOL

Wedding Pictures II

~The Ceremony~
(Sorry the pictures are out of order)
Waiting on the doors open.

The charge - btw, Josh was not supposed to hold the mic...the preacher just out of the blue handed it to him.

The parents lighting their candles

The Vows

The Lighting of the Unity Candle