Monday, April 28, 2008

No Longer at Eagles View Baptist Church.

Yesterday was our last day at Eagles View, where my dad has been pastoring for the last seven and a half years. It was a very, very emotional day for all involved, that is for sure. I don't think I have ever cried so much in all my life! :o(

The Sunday school class that I have been helping in had a little "Going Away" party for me, so my tears started in Sunday school rather than after the evening service, when we would say our good-byes. After the morning service a lot of the members of the church got together and went out to lunch and had a good O' time! Afterwards the church had a "Going Away" get together for us.

In the evening service is where my dad took the time to tell the church how much of a blessing they had been to our family for the past seven years. He told them about how he knew he could depend on them for whatever he needed. He also thanked them for all they had done for our family. There were times that my parents did not have the money for groceries, and the church got together and bought our groceries for us. Or the time that my parents had no money to buy Christmas for us kids, they all came together and bought Christmas for the family. They always knew what we needed! By this dad is crying (which is a rare site by the way)!!! Of course when Dad started crying...there I went, I look over at my sister...she is crying, then to my mom...of course, Momma is crying as well! I don't think there was a dry eye in the church. Our church was more than a church, it was a family.

I had realized something after the service that I had not thought of, that was the last time that my Dad preached in that pulpit as pastor, the last time we sang in the church as the pastor's kids. I know it seems weird, I knew we were leaving, but I just never had thought about those things...and of course that started a whole new string of bawling!! LOL

But there was such a peace in leaving, even though it was tough for us to do, we had the peace and reassurance that we were doing what God had told us to do, and that was a great comfort!

I just wanted to ask y'all to pray for us as we officially start out on deputation. We truly covet your prayers!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A prayer request.

I wanted to ask everyone on here to pray for Bro. Gene Harmon and his family. They are missionary's to China, and that is a very dangerous mission field. He has been arrested before for distributing King James Bibles and for witnessing to people. In his work there are 20 underground churches and 2 Bible colleges. We just found out that two men that were helping him smuggle Bibles into the mainland of China were followed from a train station, arrested, and interrogated. The Chinese officials have confiscated a computer that tells about the 20 underground churches. Bro. Harmon is not even allowed to go to his own home because they have it under 24 hr. surveillance. So he will keep moving around hopefully undetected. The biggest fear right now are all of the Chinese Christians that will be arrested or worse.

Bro. Harmon does have a wife and two daughters, their names are Nelly, Hope, and Faith. They greatly need your prayers right now.

A GREAT day!

Yesterday we got the privilege of going to Messiah Baptist Church for their evening service. This church was our 4th church visit I believe. While we were there to share our burden for the prison ministry, we also got to fellowship with some friends that we know from Campmeeting. We had a blast!!! There was good food, laughter, and good friends....and a good church service, you can't make a day better than that! :0)

While we were there Thomas (one of our friends from campmeeting) and I got to talking about a book "What God hath wrought". I knew my dad had the book, but I thought he had let someone borrow it and they had not returned I went to hunt it out this morning...I FOUND IT! I have heard from several people that this book is a very, very good book. So I have started reading it and "wow". I did not expect this book to hold so much.

How many of y'all have read this book and what were your thoughts on it?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a day!

Today has been an extremely busy day for my sister and I...well, make that for the majority of our family. The reason Uncle got married today! It was a somewhat confusing day, but we managed to get through it alright. I was put in charge of the video camera...I never knew that would mean a lot of walking!!! If I had known that I would have worn flats instead of hills. Ha ha ha! It came together nicely though.

Other than the wedding we went out to eat with Ronnie and Jessica, and boy...we had a blast!!! I can't remember a time when I had laughed so hard. I needed some good laughs, we had a great time. While we were at the restaurant we saw a wedding party there...the bride, the groom, everyone! They had JUST come from their wedding and decided to have their reception at the restaurant. I thought that was a pretty interesting idea! They looked like they had a good day.

Well, I am not to sure as to what the rest of this week holds, but if something happens...I will letcha know! :o)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day.

It seems like all the people in our house today is in the "April fools" mood. I have gotten a phone call from a friend of mine (she was really believable by the way) and gently lead me into an april fools joke...which I totally bought!! Oh well!

Michelle (my sister) has had her fun with this day as well. I am not to sure what the rest of today will hold. I should probably watch my step huh? IT SHOULD BE FUN!!! :D