Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Colors...No date yet...House Update!

I have changed the colors for my wedding about 3 or 4 different times. Am I the only one that did that??? was first teal and brown, then it was turquoise and brown...well...then I went to Michaels to see what they would have as far as flowers go because I wanted turquoise colored silk Gerbera daisies...they didn't have any. As I looked at their choice of colors for their daisies I then made the decision to change my colors when I saw the flowers in the picture. I fell in love with both the colors and the flowers! So it's official and Lord willing it will not change...these are my colors for the wedding. All the bright summery shade of orange, yellow, blue, pink, and green. Each bridesmaid will wear a different color dress and the groomsmen will wear a tie to match the bridesmaid they are paired with.

I'm getting SO excited now that I am actually starting to plan things. I think Momma is started to get somewhat nervous. We still haven't set a date yet because we are still waiting on some things with the house. (I will update you on that in a minute) Lord willing we want to be married by fall. We are praying that a specific date will work out, it's a very special date for the both of us...we are hoping for July 11th. We were both saved on July 11th, just 10 years apart! So we thought that since July 11th is on a Saturday this year, and it is a special day in both our lives that it would be so neat to get married on the day that we both got saved. So just help us pray that if that be the Lord's will, He will work it out.

We put a contract in on that house I had asked you to help us pray about a few weeks ago. We are waiting on a closing date to be set. The deadline to close on is March 9th, and if we don't close by then it will be $50 for every day we don't close. So please help us pray about that as well.

Oh yeah, I also did TONS of research on the internet and found a very modest and very beautiful dress for $134.99 and what this company does is you send them your measurements and they make the dress to your size, and they will send it to you with no shipping costs. The same dress was being sold on another site for $600.00! So, Lord willing I will be ordering my dress soon...hopefully!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Josh and I at a Valentine Banquet

My Valentines Day gift from my Sweetheart!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first valentines day together! We went to his church's valentine banquet with his parents and had a blast! I wish I would have been able to get some pictures of it, but the lighting in the room we were in was not right and the picture didn't turn out right...but anyways! Hehehe We had a WONDERFUL 1st Valentines Day!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obeying The 6" Rule

Josh and I exactly 6" apart.

See...we're obedient!!!

And here is another picture just to prove it!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Engagement Pictures!

Me sitting at Arbys waiting on the food and having no idea what it about to happen!

Still waiting...still no clue!

Smiling...waiting...still no idea!

Enjoying our food. At this point Josh got up and went out to the car to get "his mom's jacket" and when he returned he had a dozen roses and a card.

Opening the card...

Reading the very sweet card. When I got to the end of the card and read the last statement which was "BTW, I have a question that I need to ask you, but I can't ask in this card"...and this is what I saw next..... Sweetheart down on one knee asking me to marry him!!!

Me talking about how shocked and surprised I was.

Daddy putting the engagement ring on my finger.

My BEAUTIFUL ring!!!

All I could do after that was just sit there and smile at my handsome Fiance!

Me telling how unexpected and surprised I was...can't ya tell?

Me and my FIANCE!

Isn't he handsome?!?!?!

Me calling and telling...I'M ENGAGED!!!


I'm sorry some of the pictures were blurry, but I believe we got some pretty good ones!!! We haven't set a date yet, I will post it as soon as we do. We are working on getting a house, our offer got accepted but the contract has yet to be put in. We have already had an inspector come and look at the house and there are some repairs that need to be done. Please help us pray about that! We are both so excited to see what the Lord is going to do for us in the future! God sure has been, still is and forever will be GOOD!!!!