Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Inside of the House.

The Dining Area.

The Living Room.

The Fireplace in the Living Room.

Another Shot of the Living Room.

The Kitchen...my LOVELY Kitchen!!!

I'm not DEAD!

Well...I know that all of you have been DYING to hear from me so...here I am! We still don't have internet, and we found out today that it's not available where we live. So, we might have to keep making these once a month trips to a place with wi-fi. We have been doing wonderful, both loving the married life. God has been really blessing! I will be posting some pictures of the inside the house in the next post. Adjusting to a new house and a new area is well...fun! I have most of everything unpacked and I've really just been keeping up with the cleaning, cookin' and taking care of the hubby........

As you can see, we are VERY happy! God has just been SO good!!! I never knew that life could be so good!!!