Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Tuesday's Quotes"

This weeks quotes are taken from Matthew Henry. Enjoy!

“Some people do not like to hear much of repentance; but I think it is so necessary that if I should die in the pulpit, I would desire to die preaching repentance, and if out of the pulpit I would desire to die practicing it.”

"The joy of the Lord will arm us against the assaults of our spiritual enemies and put our mouths out of taste for those pleasures with which the tempter baits his hooks."

"He whose head is in heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave."

"You have been used to take notice of the sayings of dying men. This is mine: that a life spent in the service of God, and communion with Him, is the most comfortable and pleasant life that anyone can live in this world."

"When I cannot enjoy the faith of assurance, I live by the faith of adherence.""Grace is the free, undeserved goodness and favor of God to mankind."

I hope that you enjoyed these quotes. Have a good day!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Our Little Visitor

This is a little visitor we had the other day. Cute isn't he? Actually I don't know if it is a he or a she...so we will just call it a he!! LOL Karlee was the first to see this little critter and it scared the poor little girl to death! It was so funny though!!! :) Michelle would tell her touch it and Karlee would just say "I touch it, I touch it!" but she would not come within 5 feet of it. Oh well, I guess we don't have the dare-devil little girl that we thought we had!

I thought that we would give our little buddy a name, but I can't come up with one...so I need to enlist some help. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Tuesday's Quotes"

Okay now that I have the chance to do this.....LOL Today's theme is Charles Spurgeon. Hope you enjoy!

"If we cannot believe God when circumstances seem be against us, we do not believe Him at all."

"When you have no helpers, see your helpers in God. When you have many helpers, see God in all your helpers. When you have nothing but God, see all in God. When you have everything, see God in everything. Under all conditions, stay thy heart only on the Lord."

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees. Let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for."

"We may be certain that whatever God has made prominent in His Word, He intended to be conspicuous in our lives."

"Without Christ there is no hope."

"Pride may be set down as "the sin" of human nature."

"Christian, remember the goodness of God in the frost of adversity."

"You are saved--seek to be like your Savior."

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark."

"Free grace can go into the gutter, and bring up a jewel!"

"When the time comes for you to die, you need not be afraid, because death cannot separate you from God's love."

"You never hear Jesus say in Pilate's judgement hall one word that would let you imagine that He was sorry that He had undertaken so costly a sacrifice for us. When His hands are pierced, when He is parched with fever, His tongue dried up like a shard of pottery, when His whole body is dissolved into the dust of death, you never hear a groan or a shriek that looks like Jesus is going back on His commitment."

"Go forth today, by the help of God's Spirit, vowing and declaring that in life----come poverty, come wealth, in death---come pain or come what may, you are and ever must be the Lord's. For this is written on your heart, 'We love Him because He first loved us."


I know those were a blessing to me! I hope they were to you! I have an answered prayer that I would like to share with y'all. I have had a desire in my heart to play the piano for years now. We have just never had the money to do so. I have been praying that if it be God's will that I learn to play that He would provide the means to do so. Well...........Sunday, before the afternoon service my dad walked up to me with an envelope, I took it. When I saw what it said on the front I almost started crying!! Here is what it said "Sis. Kristina, For: Piano Lessons." There was enough money in there for one lesson!! I am so excited that I can't hardly stand it!!!! God is so good, and I am so glad that He answers prayer!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Thinking about my Grandpa...

I have been thinking a lot here lately about my Grandfather that died in the Vietnam War. Jessica (my brother's fiance) gave me something with the Wall on it and it set me to thinking. I was thinking of how proud he would be that his son is preaching the gospel. How proud he would be that he has three grandchildren. How proud he would be that Ronnie is marrying a good godly girl. Those are the things that I have been thinking on. Even though I never knew him, I love him and miss him lots!!

I have an uncle over in Iraq right now, and we all miss him lots. We pray for him daily that he would be safe while there and have a safe return. Please pray for him, he is lost. Pray that God would put someone in his path that would be a godly influence and witness to him. Chris knows that he is lost, he has told us that. Please, please pray for him. He will be in Iraq for anywhere from 6 months to a year. Thanks!

I also want to say thanks to all the men and women in the military that have fought to keep our freedom and give freedom to people in other countries. Thanks to all of you!!!