Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"My Buckler"

I was reading in Psalms yesterday and I came across this verse and it was a good reminder to me of what my God is.

Psalm 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

I got out our Strongs Concordence and I looked up the word "buckler".....I was interested in what all the word meant. When I got to reading I just smiled to myself.
The word buckler means- A protector, a sheild.
There have been times that God has protected us from car wrecks just by making us have to run back in the house to grab something we forgot. There was one time that we thought that Sonic had forgotten Momma's chicken sandwich, so we pulled over to check and see if it was there....it was! When we were on the way home we came upon a 3 car wreck that had just happened prior to us getting to that point. God allowed us to check for a sandwich that had been there so that we could be spared from a really bad wreck. I can't thank God enough that he is my protector!!
I'm glad that he is my sheild too! He had sheilded me from many things through the years. I know that there had to be some bad stuff headed my way, but God allowed me to be sheilded from them. He had also sheilded me from the world as well. Because of Him I am not in this world getting into a lot of trouble and messing up my life. I thank God for being my protector and sheild!!!

I know that it was not much but I just wanted to put that on here.

Also I know that I have not been on here a lot, I am gonna try to post more on here. I guess that I just got discouraged because I was not getting many comments. I have been reminded though that not everybody comments and that you never know who may be reading your posts. So as of right now......I'm back!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Long Time......AGAIN!!!

Sorry everyone! I have not gotten onto the computer as much here lately so there has been no chance of me posting. I have not updated since before my birthday, so it all was good! I enjoyed my 18th very, very much. My aunt took me shopping and bought me a new outfit, fed me, then brought me home. When we arrrived home I jumped out of the car to go inside so I could start the dinner that I always cook on my birthday when.............I opened the door and heard whistles and those little cardboard blow things along with a loud "SURPRISE!".
Needless to say, surprised I was! People had been wispering around for a while, so I knew that something was up. I knew there was gonna be a party, but I did not know when. So yes, I was very, very surprised when I walked though the door and saw family and friends!
I wanted to thank everyone who gave "happy birthday wishes" to me on Momma's site and Jessica's site!!!! Thank Y'all!!!

We had revival last week with Bro. Bobby Barnes and on Friday night we had Bro. Carl Partain preach and his family sing. It was a good week!
Well....I need to get off here now and do the dishes and get ready to go to the bowling center...maybe!! Byes!