Thursday, April 23, 2009

God's Been Good

I heard this song at a revival a few months back and it was such a blessing to me that I had to find it somewhere. I found out that Legacy Five sings it. I LOVE this song!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pics and Flowers

Me me!

Josh and Karlee.

Josh and I outside of my Grandparents house Sunday afternoon.

The BEAUTIFUL flowers that my Sweetheart surprised me with Tuesday night.

I love the flowers, they are so bright and springy, well that and they came from Josh! :o)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pictures of "Our House"...FINALLY!

Yesterday was the first opportunity for me to get pictures of mine and Josh's house. These are just of the outside, the inside is still being worked on. I will post inside pictures when it's all finished.

The front of the house. Please excuse all the weeds everywhere, we haven't had the chance to do anything about all that stuff yet.

The back of the house...again, excuse the weeds.

The driveway facing the road. I LOVE it, it's so pretty!!!

The lake in the back yard. The halfway point of our property is where you see that storage building behind the lake. We have a total of 3 acres.

The water is REALLY murky and yellow from all the rain and pollen, but if you can see them there are two catfish at the surface of the water.

A little friend that was on the back deck of the house...isn't he pretty!

The view from the back deck off the kitchen.

View from the back deck off the master bedroom.

The view from our front porch! Isn't it pretty and peaceful!

I fell in LOVE with the dogwood and azeleas, I thought it was so beautiful!!!