Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pics and Flowers

Me me!

Josh and Karlee.

Josh and I outside of my Grandparents house Sunday afternoon.

The BEAUTIFUL flowers that my Sweetheart surprised me with Tuesday night.

I love the flowers, they are so bright and springy, well that and they came from Josh! :o)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers, Kristina. I'm so happy for you and Josh! I can't sait until the wedding! ;)

Abigail said...

Hello Kristina!

I never stopped to drop you a comment to actually congratulate you on your engagement! So CONGRATULATIONS!
I am sure that you and Josh are very, very happy. May the Lord bless you both!


Anonymous said...

~Would you be interested in joining the IFB, KJV Young Women's Directory? I would love to add you to our listing! You can just leave a comment on either of my sites if you are intersted!

Kathy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I did look over yours with my mom and I said, "Oh look, Justin and I do that! . . . and that too!" Isn't God good to us? The "no-touch" policy when we started courting became an ongoing discussion that blossomed with God's wonderful grace and Blessings upon us for choosing "no-touch". I am proud of the fact that we uphold this "policy"! What a delight to find other young Ladies and young men upholding this!

Your future home is lovely!

God Bless you and Josh!!!!


~Rebecca~ said...

Oops! I just left you a comment via my Mom's blog account! sorry!

Anyways . . . it is such a delight to see another couple who went the courting route and did "no-touch" policy, etc. Justin and I know of only one other couple who is actually courting, so it is a blessing to see your blog!