Saturday, April 04, 2009

Pictures of "Our House"...FINALLY!

Yesterday was the first opportunity for me to get pictures of mine and Josh's house. These are just of the outside, the inside is still being worked on. I will post inside pictures when it's all finished.

The front of the house. Please excuse all the weeds everywhere, we haven't had the chance to do anything about all that stuff yet.

The back of the house...again, excuse the weeds.

The driveway facing the road. I LOVE it, it's so pretty!!!

The lake in the back yard. The halfway point of our property is where you see that storage building behind the lake. We have a total of 3 acres.

The water is REALLY murky and yellow from all the rain and pollen, but if you can see them there are two catfish at the surface of the water.

A little friend that was on the back deck of the house...isn't he pretty!

The view from the back deck off the kitchen.

View from the back deck off the master bedroom.

The view from our front porch! Isn't it pretty and peaceful!

I fell in LOVE with the dogwood and azeleas, I thought it was so beautiful!!!


Leah said...

That is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!! Is it near your parents?

Kristina said...

Thank you! It's about an hour from my parents.

Cove Girl said...

WOW, it looks beautiful. What a blessing.

Mrs W said...

Beautiful house and property!

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Wow, you have certainly been blessed by God.
The house and yard are beautiful.
I am like you, love the dogwood and
Have a wonderful Sunday
Mrs. Jennifer

Sis. Julie said... is an hour from where we live now...but if my husband has his way we'll be moving down near where they are living. But that will take me further away from Ronnie, Jessica and Candyce. So I am not too sure how I feel about moving down there. I would be closer to Kristina though!!

Anonymous said...

How pretty! It is so exciting that you are able to start off your life serving the Lord in such a beautiful home! What a blessing!

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

wow.. so beautiful.. I'm happy for you..

nay nay said...

Wow thats Beautiful! It looks very cozy...I'm sure you'll have fun fixing it up and decorating!!! :)

Jessica said...

It is so FAR AWAY!!! But it is amazing!! I can't believe how beautiful the yard and everything is. I LOVE the lake, porch, and all the pretty plants and trees. And the inside is so nice, it is going to be so beautiful when yall get it finished. I can't wait to see it when you're done. :)

Rhonda in Chile said...

What a great place to start out! Most young couples start out with a tiny get a house! Good things come to those who wait......on the Lord!

Ashley said...

It's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the house is so beautiful! How wonderful that you could get this lovely home! I'm sure you will have fun pulling all those weeds out of your own flower garden. ;)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Gorgeous!! Love the view and the decks!!

Kristi said...

Kristina, this is a GREAT piece of property y'all have. What a blessing!!!

I can't wait to see everything when you get it just the way you want it. I'm sure you'll add some wonderful touches to it.

I love the porch. It kind of reminded me of the house at Green Gables when Anne sees it for the first time. :)


Kristi said...

OH, and another thought I had about the house...what a great place for family gatherings, cookouts, days of fishin'...what's the address again???? ROFL


Kristina said...

Thanks to everyone for all the comments!!! I LOVE the house!

Sis. Kristi,
LOL...Hmm, I will have to let you know when you can come! :o)