Thursday, January 26, 2006

Braces free me!

Here is a picture of me without the braces. I love the way my teeth turned out!! I soon realized that the braces actually helped me to look older. Now that they are off everyone keeps telling me that I look younger. THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! I was supposed to look older when they got taken off, right? Now instead of looking my age of 17 I look 13!! Oh well, I guess that is the way it was meant to be! Anybody got any tips on how to age a person in their looks??? LOL!!

Monday, January 23, 2006


I am so excited!!! My braces after almost 2 years are gone!!! I went today to my appt. and they said that they could come off and that I would get my retainer on Thursday. Just thought that I would share my excitement with y'all!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Something is Wrong!!

Today I came to my blog site and something did not look right. I got to looking and I realized what it was, the date above the post somehow got very BIG!! I have tried all I can think of to fix it and it won't fix. So I hope that it does not throw anybody off, it has me to an extent.
Today the weather is beautiful! It is sunny....still cold, but sunny. We are getting rid of somethings in the house like some of our furniture. As some of you already know we are gonna be moving in about a month, maybe longer. Our church is converting the fellowship hall into a 4 bedroom house. We are all excited, but it will be a BIG change. We are already starting to pack some things up. Marcy and Jessica are ssssssssssooooooooooooo excited!! We are only gonna be about 10 minutes away from the both of them. So, naturally they are already planning on going shopping, out to lunch and going over each others house often!!
I have packed a few things. I am gonna have to get rid of a few things myself for all of my stuff to fit in the room I will get. Well...that is about all for today! Hope everyone has a good day.
Oh, and pray for a lady in our church. She is in surgery right now, they are removing her appendix. Pray that everything goes well and that she would have a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pictures into drawings.

I got to playing around with some of the picture fun effects on the computer. I have it on the Kodak program that I have, and I found that I can turn a picture of me into a drawing!! I looks even better printed out. This picture was taken in Michelle's room. Hope you like it! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"This I know"

Verse 1:
Even though I've lived a while and learned a lot of things
I won't hesitate to honestly admit
In spite of everywhere I've been and all my eyes have seen
There is still so much that I haven't mastered yet
But thankfully it only takes the wisdom of a child
To understand the one thing that makes me want to smile.

This I know, Jesus loves me
This I know, for He told me
When he wrote it in his word and on my heart
At the cross there he showed me
Just how far He would go
So I could say
Jesus loves me this I know.

Verse 2:
All the workings of this world confound my simple mind
So I gave up trying to figure out it's ways
Instead I think I'll rest right here where the daily is divine
And take my chances with the unexplained
Cause when my faith speaks up for me I say with confidence
With Jesus as my Savior my life makes perfect sense.

This I know, Jesus loves me
This I know, for He told me
When he wrote it in his word and on my heart
At the cross there he showed me
Just how far he would go
So I could say
Jesus loves me this I know.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Long Time....

Hey everyone,
I am sorry that I have not done my blog in a while. I have been busy here lately. I am just gonna give a run down on what I have been up to. Here it goes.

Sunday- After not going to be till after 2:30 that morning I got up at 7:00 to get ready for church. Once we got to the church we had to clean it for the family that was not able to do it, had S.S. and service.......ate lunch.....had service. Then we went to my Grandparents house and hung out with them for the night. Got home and went to bed after the LONG day!!

Monday- Got up and I went to the store with my Momma so that we could get a couple of things for the diet we started that day. When we got home we sorted everything out and got ready to eat!! YUM! Well...I can still eat, just not all the good stuff that I want to eat! LOL!

Tuesday- It all started that morning and did not stop till that night. I got up and got straight on my laundry that I had MOUNDS of. Cleaned my much needed cleaned room( which took 2 1/2 hours to do, that is how bad it was.... :( ...) Helped watch my cousin Karlee..she is sick with something. We don't know what exactly, but we think it is a ear infection.

Wednesday- I did the usual getting ready for church!

Today- Right now I am holding Karlee in my lap as I type this. She is still sick. Please pray that she will get well soon. She has not slept in 2 nights I think. Well...That is pretty much it!! Hope everyone has a good day.
I know it is really late, and since I did not get the time to do it Sunday.........HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Pray for Kimberly.

I would like everyone to pray for a friend of mine. Most of you know her, her name is Kimberly. She has gone out into the world and has gotten out of church. She came to church last Sunday, and said that she would come back this coming Sunday. I would like everyone to pray that she would and that God would get ahold of her heart. She has been out of church for a year now. I would love to see her get back in church and do things for God. Thanks! Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 02, 2006

Pray for the Bell Family.

We just got word that Bro. Stephen and Sis. Lauren Bell just lost their 3 year old little girl at 11:00 last night. She died of Leukemia. She was diagnosed with it a little while after she was born. Please pray for the family. They also just lost their new born son a few months back. Pray for the Bell family.