Monday, October 31, 2011

Things have definitely been an adventure since we came home from the hospital.  It has its wonderful moments and then the obvious rough moments that would come from having a 1 year old and newborn twins, but I wouldn't change a bit of it!  I have savored every moment.  Kloe loves her sister and brother, she LOVES giving them loads of kisses and "awwws" (hugs). 

I am having the mono flare up that I had after I delivered Kloe.  The fever hasn't been as bad this time, but it has lasted longer.  So, that part really stinks because it makes it hard to do anything other than the obvious feedings and diaper changes.  Thankfully I have my mom's help during the day and Josh's at night.  Josh has done wonderful at helping me out when I need it.  I think he realizes how hard it is to manage with 3 kids 1 and under.  Josh is such an awesome husband...I couldn't have asked for a better one that is for sure!

I took some pictures of all 3 of my babies today and thought I would share...enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

They're Here!!!

Last pregnancy picture.  38 weeks 1 day - The day I was induced.

I went into the L&D 8:00 Sunday morning for my induction. It was 8:50 before they started my pitocin, fluids and antibiotics (GBS positive). I was at 4 cm when they checked me. They had a hard time keeping the heart monitors on Brayden. He was so hyper that he just kept moving sooo much that they had to bring in the ultrasound machine to get the best position to place the the process of doing that we discovered that Brayden had turned to transverse and was no longer head down. They obviously at that point asked me if I still wanted to vaginally deliver or if I wanted to go ahead with the c-section, they told me that if I chose the vaginal delivery that there was still the chance of him being breech and having to have a c-section anyways, but I asked the dr. how confident she was that she could deliver him breech and she assured me that if she didn't feel comfortable doing it that she wouldn't even have given me the option of the vaginal delivery that she would have just told me that I needed to have the c-section. I still at this point felt completely at ease with the vaginal delivery and so that is what we decided, to go ahead and just go with our original plans. They upped my pitocin every 30 minutes from that point until they had a few emergency situations and I had to wait about an hour before they upped it again. I was tolerating the pain of the pitocin pretty well until they had reached the dosage at what I think was 24 on the drip. It was getting uncomfortable...then they broke my water. OH MY did it cause the contractions to intensify greatly within minutes. I was beyond the point of being able to cope with the pain. I at that point did what I really didn't want to do at all...I asked for an epidural. I had to have a port put in reguardless because of the possibility of a c-section due to me having twins. Anyways...I got the epidural at about 7:10 p.m. and when they checked me I was STILL at 4 cm! After I got the epidural and there was a shift change and I got a different nurse that I actually liked (another story for another time)...I was feeling much better and wanted to do nothing but sleep. Little did I know what was about to happen! It felt like no time at all and I was telling my sister that I was feeling pressure and that she needed to go get my nurse. So, Michelle heads out the door and I look at my husband and I told him that I was REALLY feeling a lot of pressure that I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. The nurse came in and checked me and told me that I was dilated to 10 cm and that Raegan was right there. I told her how bad my urge was to push and she said the worst words I've ever heard..."Just breathe, because you can't" LOL This was at 7:55 or so...I had gone from 4 cm to I NEED TO PUSH LIKE NOW in 45 minutes. I still at this point had to be taken to the OR to deliver. Once we got in there...we still had to wait on both NICU teams to show up...that was another 10 minutes...I was FINALLY allowed to push and Raegan was born after 7-10 pushes. As I laid there waiting on the next of the contractions to start so I could push again, my dr. checked because I told her that I could feel Brayden wiggling...she felt and my precious baby boy was headed out HEAD DOWN!!! So, with 7-10 pushes I delivered Brayden!

Both babies are doing wonderfully and are completely healthy. Raegan was 7 lbs 1 oz 20" long born at 8:12 p.m. Brayden was 6 lbs 1 oz 20 1/4" long at 8:21 p.m. What a wonderful experience it was, so different than my last delivery of Kloe where I lost a lot of blood. I can't thank God enough for healthy babie
s, healthy me and giving me the delivery that I wanted and that it went as smooth at it possibly could!

Sunday, October 02, 2011