Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pray for Kimberly.

I would like everyone to pray for a friend of mine. Most of you know her, her name is Kimberly. She has gone out into the world and has gotten out of church. She came to church last Sunday, and said that she would come back this coming Sunday. I would like everyone to pray that she would and that God would get ahold of her heart. She has been out of church for a year now. I would love to see her get back in church and do things for God. Thanks! Posted by Picasa

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Jessica said...

I've been praying for Kimberly, and I will continue to do so. I remember going to church with her when she was my sister's age, she has really grown up. I hate that she got out of church, and I want to see her back in church serving the Lord too. We just need to keep praying, and let her know that we love her. Prayer changes things!!