Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obeying The 6" Rule

Josh and I exactly 6" apart.

See...we're obedient!!!

And here is another picture just to prove it!


Pam--in Estonia said...

Sorry I haven't commented lately, Kristina, we're still busy trying to get settled.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You two make a lovely couple :)

His Wife and Their Mommy said...

awww.. CONGRATS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, Kritina! I see you are having fun:)
God bless!!

P.S. Actually, He has:)

Anonymous said...

I can't find the Bible verse on that one! :-)

Why 6"?

From a Christian who was fine kissing her hubby before they got married (and yes we waited for the wedding night for the rest!)

Kristina said...

The scripture that we use to back up our rule of no touching is found in 1 Corinthians 7:1 KJB
Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: it is good for a man not to touch a woman.

We use 6" just because we think that is a safe distance in which to sit next to each other and not touch. Most of the time my Fiance and I sit further than that to insure that there are no bumps or anything that could cause to accidentally touch. We want to go to the wedding altar having NEVER touched. The first time that we will touch is when my Dad places my hand into Josh's and gives me over to him.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I was able to help!!

Jessica said...

Glad the "courting ruler" is coming in handy! LOL! ;)

Kate Marie said...

I can't tell you how encouraged I am by your blog. I am a pastors daughter, and have the same belief's you do on courting and marriage. I am so encouraged to see it work the way God meant for it to.

Kristina said...

Kate Marie,

Thanks for coming by and commenting. I'm glad my blog has been of some help and encouragement to you. It's always good to find someone else that believes the same way you do!

Life More Simply said...
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SuzanneDeAZ said...

Nice to see that you have a measureing instrument to make sure you stay within the rules.

Anonymous said...

If you firmly believe firmly in the no touching rule, then why does your profile photo show you with your hands on your man?