Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Pictures VI

~The Bride and Groom~
(if our smiles don't look as "happy" as they should, it was a VERY hot day and had been smiling for hours!)

Grabbing a kiss at the reception


Eight said...

The outdoor smooch with his arm around your shoulders--such a sweet kiss! I love the black and white ones with just a bit of color of your flowers and his bout, too!

I think anyone whose worn a wedding or bridesmaid dress or a tuxedo in warm weather can tell you the same thing--it's hard to smile when you feel like a chicken on a routissiere! But it makes you a blushing bride!

Glory Studios said...

I love your bouquet, Kristina! All of the colors are so pretty and happy! :-D

~Rebecca~ said...

simply adorable!!