Monday, April 24, 2006

"What if you never marry?" and "What about going to college?"

The other day I was with my Uncle and he started a "what if" question session, and the first question he asked was " What if you never marry, would you still live at home?" I told him that yes I would still live at home and he gave me a very puzzled look and said "Why?". The answer that I gave my uncle was, because the Bible says that I am to stay at home until the day I marry. In Genesis 2:24 it says: Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And in Matthew 19:5 it says: And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and the twain shall be one flesh? may say "That only talks about the man.", why would God tell the man no to leaving the home and the woman yes? That is because he didn't. He is telling US, as in men and women that we should not leave the home until the day that we marry.
The time that a guy is at home before he married is for him to get a good stable job and save money so that he can provide for a family one day. With the girls it is to learn how to cook, take care of kids by helping with younger siblings and clean.
The question: What if you never get married? The answer: I would live at home and be the biggest help that I could be to my parents.

Okay, onto to the next question that my Uncle asked me. "What about going to college?" and my answer to that is, by going to college you are leaving the protection and authority of the parents. Let me remind you of those verses in the beginning of the post, they said leave father and mother to cleave to your spouse. God said not to leave the home till the day that you get married. I am not at all against getting a college education, but get it by doing correspondences. My Uncle asked me if I had a desire to further my education by going to college, and I told him that no I didn't. "So you are content to just be a housewife and a mother?" I told him yes that is all that I want to be. That is what the bible instructs me to be, and that is what I want.

"Well, other than the Bible would you say that your education is important to you?" I said "Yes it is." "Then why hold to the Bible only and why not further your education, because that is what people these days hold to." He walked away before I could answer it, but here is my answer.

#1- I am not going out and getting a job, so I really don't have to depend upon having a college education.
#2- If the Bible tells me not to leave the home, I'm not going to!

If I had to chose between my Bible and my education, I will take my Bible!! My education will not bring me a Godly husband, and my education will not bring me close to God and help me live a clean life before Him.. You may say "The Bible won't either." , but by having my Bible I know to pray for a Godly husband, and I know to pray for God's help to live a clean life. The Bible does tell us how to get close to God and how to live for Him.

I pray that this was a help to someone, I felt impressed to do this. Hope it was a help.


Bro Tim said...

You did a great job at answering those two questions I pray the Lord will by his grace allow you to keep the stand you have. As for Tim I hope the Lord helps him to understand more why you believe what you believe. Again a very good thoughtout post.

Rachel Marie said...

Wonderful post, Kristina!!! Very, very good! I think you have the right heart... keep serving Jesus! God bless you!

kristina said...

Thank you for the comment Rachel.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Keep being a "keeper in training"!! :)

Anonymous said...

You did a really good job on this post Kris. I hope people will take it to heart and if they question the truth in this that they will study it out for themselves. Love you!!

jennifer veitch said...

Kristina, you stay with the truth of God's word! I am proof that it can work. Thank God for a young woman that still believes truth!!!!

kristina said...

Thank you Sis. Jennifer!! Thanks for visiting my site! Hope to see y'all again soon!

Karla said...

Thanks for this post! It was right on the mark. Thanks for using those two verses. I hadn't thought of using those. But, it will help me next time when someone question's me on the college issue. I usually bring up Titus 2, but then they will say what about Proverbs 31 woman and then they will try to say that she would go and sell in the marketplace, but if you are reading the KJB you will see that she sold to a merchant who would turn around and sell it in the marketplace. If she had sold in the marketplace she wouldn't have time to keep her home and be what God's role for her in the home was. And if she had sold in the markeplace then that would have contradicted Titus 2 and thus, Titus two would overrule Proverbs 31, since we are given the new command in the New Testament. Anyways, I appreciate this post.

Anonymous said...

But what about teaching your children? I am assuming that you're going to homeschool... don't you think you should be as well-educated as possible to better raise arrows for the Lord? You may not need a higher education for the purpose of working outside the home, but teaching math and science beyond an elementary grade level will be difficult without an education.

God bless!

Kristina said...


Thanks for stopping by and for asking your question.

If I could afford to get a degree or two in furthering my education I would. I would do correspondence courses at home, so that way I could get the education I wanted and still be able to stay in the home and do what I need to do.

Anonymous said...

There were no colleges when the Bible was written, that's why they aren't mentioned. God is not anti-education.

Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting interpretation of that verse. No doubt it worked for you, but do you really believe God has the same plan for every person? That if a women desires to go to college to become a doctor, a scientist, etc, that this is wrong?

I realize you were raised this way, but this isn't God, it's man laws, I hope you see that someday.

Anonymous said...

What would you do to pay bills if, God forbid, something happened to your husband? What if you had no one else who could take you in and support you, clothe you, feed you? Life is uncertain.