Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Nursery stuff and camping.

Today I helped move some stuff into the nursery of our church. We have not had one since we have been there and that has been 5 years. So we are getting things together and getting stuff ready to start a nursery this coming Sunday, when our Revival starts.

We are starting a Revival this coming week with Bro. Darrell Hayes. It will start everynight Monday- Friday at 7:30 P.M.

I will not be posting anything from now until about Saturday night...Maybe. Michelle and I are going camping with some friends of ours at the church. Neither me or Michelle have been camping before. We will be camping, fishing and having a bonfire. I have never been fishing either....that is gonna be interresting. I will post pictures when I get back!! Pray that neither me or Michelle gets hurt on this trip...there is a possibility of us riding horses too...something else that we have never done. PRAY FOR US!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Trust me...I'm praying!! I'm sure y'all will have fun. Its never a dull moment with Sis. Donna and Bro. Danny!! Just watch out for Bro. Danny's practical jokes!!

Jessica said...

I will definatly be praying for yall. Especially Michelle!! I hope she doesn't break, or dislocate anything!! :)

Rachel Marie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!=) I hope you all have a WONDERFUL camping trip!! I love camping and traveling!=)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

YOU'VE NEVER BEEN CAMPING?!?!?!? Actually, I've only been once with my family. :) You should have seen ALL the stuff Momma packed for a one night camping trip! LOL!!
Now, I have been fishing more than once, but it has been awhile since I last did so.