Thursday, September 07, 2006

"A Poem"

I was in bed the other night studying and God gave me this poem. It has no title, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what to title it, feel free to give me some ideas. Hope you enjoy it!!!!

It ran from his head down to his feet
His blood was shed from the places they beat
His head, his back, his hands and his legs
Oh what a terrible, horrible day.

The people that watched him wondered and asked
How long will his agony last?
Till morning or night when will he die?
Others there shouted He is not God, He is a lie.

Our Savior hung, bled and died
He shed his blood for those that lied
He loved them and wanted all of them to see
Heaven is really as true as can be.

He shed his blood for all to be freed
To accept his offer of eternity
I accepted his offer with joy and glee
And now can I say I'm free, I'm free.




Excellent! Keep in tune with the spirit of God.
Sis Becky

Bro Tim said...

This is very good. I didn't know you wrote poems. I haven't wrote one since i got married. I have a few maybe I will share some them on my blog don't know. Thank God for shedding his blood for our sins, and that I too am free free free.
Bro Tim

Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...

HIS BLOOD SET ME FREE. Just a thought. Very good poetry.

Please check out my blog.


Nicki said...

Hmmm I'd call it "washed" but that's just me. I used to do poetry too. This one is really nice.