Monday, September 04, 2006

What I did this weekend.

I have not been on here posting in a while, so I thought that I would tell you or rather show you what I did this weekend. Below are some pictures of what went on. I was not able to show you about Sunday and today, but I can tell you!!
Sunday was GREAT! We had a good crowd on yesterday morning and last night was down a little, but Tim (my uncle) got baptized after the evening service. He was saved sometime last year and never got baptized so he wanted to get that done. Then afterwards I went with Chris (my uncle) and his fiance Elizabeth to get ice cream at DQ, which was really good by the way!!
Today I went bowling with Ronnie and Michelle, I bowled 12 straight games and Ronnie bowled 22 straight games!!! Don't worry......we bowl for free, my grandmother works there and has built up so much credit. I can see some of you going "WOW...I wonder what the bill looked like!!" , now that I have put your minds at ease. :) I plan to help with dinner and be very sore. I hope that all of you have or had a good Labor day!!!

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