Monday, May 22, 2006

A special post coming up.

I am gonna be doing a special post on Monday for Memorial day. I hope that everyone will be able to come and read it when it is posted. It is a dear story to me!!

Things have been going well. My tooth is not hurting at all and I am able to eat!!! Hehehe! Tomorrow we will be going bowling with some friends for Michelle's birthday. She will be 16 tomorrow. Hard to believe that is for sure. Especially when you remember being like 5 and 6 years old and throwing algea (sp) from the creek at the side of your house!!!! Yes...we really did do that. We were bad kids, we also threw noodles out of the Chicken noodle soup at the wall in the dining room when we were about that age. There are alot of memories! that I have brought back some "painful" memories. I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to my little sister Michelle!!

Have a good day!!


Jessica said...

Hey Kris,
I'm glad your feeling better!!
I'm really looking forward to your Memorial Day post. I won't say "Who" it's about, since you didn't tell. (We will just keep everyone in suspence!! LOL!!)

Love ya!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Happy B-day Michelle!
3 sisters