Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Glasses

Yesterday I got my new glasses. My perscription was not that much different so I did not have any major headaches from them. I also got perscriptioned sunglasses, they look really funny on me so I don't think that I will put a picture of me wearing them on here. I like these a whole lot better than the ones that I had, they are smaller!! The others ones that I had were huge and I could not stand them. My glasses came in at just the right time too. Saturday night I was cleaning my glasses after the prayer meeting and I looked down at them and one of the nose pieces was gone. I found the nose piece, but the screw that held it on was missing. There was me and momma down on our hands and knees looking for this little itty bitty screw. Needless to say we never found it. So I had been wearing my glasses with the nose piece that had no screw to hold it on. So I am glad that my new glasses came in when they did!! Oh yes, the precious little girl that is with me is my cousin Karlee!


Jessica said...

Your new glasses do look a lot better than the old ones.... I can see the difference now that I look at the picture with your old glasses & the one with your new ones!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

They do look nice!!