Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Camping Pictures.

Well....here they are!! The pictures that you all have been waiting for. Hope you enjoy them. We had alot of fun camping and I would do it again in a heart beat!! I had a GREAT time!!
Here is Michelle on a horse for the very first time.

Here I am petting a horse named Liberty, it think that it was a really sweet horse...but ugly!!
This is (R-L) Nicole, Me, Maegan and Michelle standing in front of the bonfire that they had going. It was really, really HOT!! It kept us really warm.
Here is the bonfire. It was HUGE!!
It's Me!! Yep...that's right this was my first time on a horse as well. I must say that it looks natural.
Michelle and Nicole at Sis. Donna's house before we left for the trip.
Here is the Host's house. That is just the back of it. It is beautiful!!!
The Cow Pasture.
Nicole, Michelle and Maegan.
Nicole, me and Maegan.

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