Friday, May 05, 2006

I've been tagged! is the deal...Courtney tagged me with a Mothers Day Tag. I am to give 14 things about my mother and tag 5 other people. Here it goes!!!

1- She never heard the name Jesus till she moved to GA.
2- She was saved at the age of 28.
3- She is the oldest of 3 children, but her mom miscarried before she had concieved Momma.
4- She absolutely hates to read, except her Bible.
5- When she laughs hard she talks whale....there is an explaination!!
6- She has 3 WONDERFUL kids...(LOL!! Had to!!)
7- She hates to talk on the phone.
8- She was born in Iowa.
9- She has lived in Kansas, Ohio, Iowa and Georgia.
10-Her favorite color is red.
11-She write letters IN birthday cards, or any card!!
12-She thinks the Lord is coming back before Ronnie gets married!
13-She married a Policeman-Investigator-Pastor.
14-She collects lighthouses and loves what they represent.

There they are!! Okay....I am tagging...................................

4.Rachel Marie
I did not have 5 people to here they are! Have fun!!!


Jessica said...

I figured you'd say your Mom has A wonderful child, maybe even TWO wonderful children...... But now you consider Ronnie wonderful? Girl, Did you fall and bump your head?? Of course, I have ALWAYS considered him WONDERFUL, so I'm glad to see you finally agree with me!! :)

Oh, and NO the Lord is NOT coming back before Ronnie gets married!! And I'll tell you why.... I have waited 22 years for this, and the Lord LOVES me!!! LOL!! :)

Love ya girl,

Anonymous said...

Well...We'll just have to wait and see won't we Jess?...LOL!! He didn't come back before I had teenagers...and He didn't come back before I had to deal with one of my kids why would He want to come back before any of them get married? That's okay though....His timing is ALWAYS perfect!! So I'll be thankful for whatever He allows.