Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Pictures

The Christmas gift for my parents this year was to get family pictures taken. So, I thought I would share! Enjoy!

Ronnie, Candyce, Jessica, Momma, Daddy, Michelle, Michael, Josh, Kloe, and Me

Momma and Daddy with their grandbabies

Momma and Daddy with their kids

Michelle, Ronnie and Me

All the ladies of the family

All the gents in the family

My precious lil' munchkin

My niece, Candyce

My nephew, Michael

Another family pic

Me, Josh and Kloe

Candyce, Jessica and Ronnie

Michael and Michelle

Momma and Daddy

Me and my awesome husband!!!


t.smith.j.smith said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, I'm sure your parents really love them. I like your new haircut, it's cute and suits you well.

Jessie-Bessie said...

They are lovely pictures!

Kali said...

What great pictures!

Emily said...

Absolutely beautiful. I hope you are enjoying motherhood!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures and that new hair cut is very cute on you!

Conny said...

YOu have such a lovely family, Kristina! May God bless you - especially that precious baby girl of yours!!!! I miss that age so much ... it goes by so fast. Glad you're treasuring each day!

Raleigh foodie said...

Very cute. Love the colors!

Question: Why isn't Michael's daddy in the pictures?

~Rebecca~ said...

adorable photos!!

You and your family look wonderful, and I love the red & black colors!


Abundantly Blessed said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awww! I love the pictures!!!

Eight said...

What great pictures, Kristina! And how blessed you are to have such a wonderful family. Also, what a blessing that your children have cousins that are so close in age--every family gathering will be so ever so much fun for them. How proud your parents must be of their growing brood. I should also mention you've also done an amazing job getting your figure back so soon after Miss Kloe was born! God bless you and your family,


P.S. Raleigh: I believe Michael's daddy is in the military, but I could have 'swiss cheese brain' and could be completely wrong about that. I apologize if I got this fact incorrect.

Kristina said...

Michael's father is in the military. But he decided to kick Michelle and Michael out without warning 3 months ago. Michelle and Michael have been living with my parents since then.

Miss Melissa said...

Your family pictures are terrific. You sure look like your mom. Kloe is adorable. The three of you make a lovely family. And I too like your new haircut. It's very sassy and flattering on you. Hope you had a nice holiday! :)

Eight said...

Oh Kristina, how awful. What he's done is heinous thing for a--I can't even call him a man--for a person to do. Please know that Michael and Michelle are very much in my prayers. This does not dismiss his terrible act, but sometimes being away or at war or even the possibility of being at war can change a person into someone else we never thought they could be. Someday he will be so sorry he made such a rank choice to do such a thing to his own beautiful wife and son. He was unworthy of her and I'll continue to pray that she someday finds a man that treats her as she deserves--as Christ loves the Church. God bless your family, especially your beautiful nephew and your sister.

Eight said...


I'm sorry to write again so soon, but I wanted to say one more thing about your handsome nephew and your sister. Baby Michael will never, never be without so many good men surrounding him and showing him the way--your father, your brother-in-law, your wonderful husband, and of course the blessing of Christ, our Lord. Again, may God be with you.


(You don't need to post either posts, it is at your discretion, of course.)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family you have. Those babies are just precious (especially Kloe!) How fortunate that the cousins are close enough in age to grow up friends.


Jessie-Bessie said...

Thats so sad, I hope Michelle and Michael are doing ok.