Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm still alive!

I know it's been a while since my last post. I have either been extremely busy or not feeling to well. Kloe is doing very good, she is quite a little chunk and is in general a very happy four month old baby girl. Our only issue here of late is that she has decided within the last week and a half that she doesn't want to sleep through the night anymore. Not only is she waking up at night, it's every hour at night. She rolls over in her sleep and when she wakes her up and then when she wakes up she automatically assumes that she needs to eat. She is a VERY slow eater and takes her sweet time to eat about 2 ounces and then she is out again, only to wake up the next hour to do the same thing. The cat napping at night has caught up with and today I had my worst Fibromyalgia day yet. Thankfully Josh was able to take the day off and help out with taking care of Kloe.

Other than my lack of sleep everyone is doing wonderful! We have revival at our church next week with Bro. Andy Wells and his family and I am really looking forward to it!!!

I hope I still have readers out there! Looking forward to the feedback!


Jennifer said...

sounds like the 4 month old wakefuls :-). I don't have kids but I hear people talking about them quite often. Good to know things are going well for you and your family.

Eight said...

I wish I had advice to give other than what I've observed--a phase to be gone through. I do hope you feel well soon, I wasn't aware you had fibromyalgia--how difficult that must be with a little one to care for as well as a household to run. I have chronic pain as well and don't think I could do it without my husband and God. I'll pray your little Kloe gets some sleep at the proper time and you things continue to go well. God be with you!