Monday, December 13, 2010

Does She Favor Me At All?

I decided that I would post a picture of both me and Kloe and see what response I get. A lot of people tell me that Kloe looks like me after seeing the picture that you are about to see.


Me at 6 weeks old.

So, what do you think?


Lola said...

She does look a lot like you in that baby picture, but honestly this whole time I've thought she looks a lot like Josh. But I find babies are a lot like holograms - you turn them this way, they look like mom, turn them that way, they look like dad. You can see both :o)

Kali said...

I agree...she looks alot like you, but then she looks alot like Josh too.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I think babies look like babies and they grow into who they are supposed to be. When my son was born I thought he was the spitting image of my dad and now he looks nothing like him.

You have a beautiful baby. Don't worry about who she resembles. Let her grow up to be what she wants to be.

Blessings and have a marvelous holiday!

Amber said...

No, not really. Maybe head shape.

Mimi said...

she has her daddy's eyes...but she does look a little like you too...
but she is adorable no matter who she looks like!!!!!

Abundantly Blessed said...

I think she looks more like Josh at the moment, but I can see you in her as well. She will change tremendously over the next few years...there will be times she looks 'just like' Josh and then there will be times she looks 'just like' you. There may even be times she looks like a different relative! Our son looked like my brother at one point. LOL! She is adorable!!!

~Rebecca~ said...

She looks like her mom and her dad. she definitely has daddy's eyes. :)

she is just a baby as her parents are a couple!

Stephanie said...

She looks like her daddy! You have the same cheeks/nose though!
She is so precious and such a little doll!

Eight said...

I see you in her chin (especially yours as an adult) and in the hairline and forehead, for sure! But I have to say that the eyes and cheeks and nose are all Joshua! She also has Joshua's facial shape, whereas yours is an oval, but it could all change!

(I went back to your wedding pictures and compared them with Kloe's (I have the flu and am stuck in bed--not a stalker, I swear!)

Babies change so quickly, though, from looking like one parents or the other or neither! I agree with Lola about the baby hologram (baby rorschach?)--everyone sees something different. We can all agree, though, she's absolutely adorable. Don't forget to post a first Christmas picture of the little miss!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that she does look like you. I didn't think that she did until I saw your baby picture. But she still looks like Josh! ;)
Love you!

Miss Melissa said...

I think she is just great and that she looks like Kloe. :)