Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Last Trimester!!!

27 Weeks Pregnant!

I am so excited to be in the "last leg of the journey" with my pregnancy. To think that I only have 89 days left before my due date...wow!

The pregnancy is still going great. I go to my next check-up on Friday and that is when I will have my pregnancy glucose check...I have to honestly say that I'm not really looking forward to that drink that I have to drink before I get there. I've heard it's yucky.

I've got a yeast infection that I got due to taking my antibiotics for that sinus infection I had 2 months ago. Yes, I've had it that long...but in my defense, I had never had a yeast infection before and had no clue that I had one. So, I did a lot of research on yeast infections and pregnancy and talked to my sister-n-law, Jessica about it. (She gets a yeast infection with every pregnancy) She told me to get Monistat 7 and treat it with that. I didn't call my doctor due to the fact that every time I call them, they send me to a answering machine and I NEVER get my phone calls returned after several attempts. So I got my advice from someone with some experience in that area. So far, the yeast infection is a little better, I still have 3 days of treatment left. I am so ready for it to be GONE! Don't worry...I will be telling my Dr. on Friday what is going on...I'm not going to leave that out. :-)

I guess that's pretty much it for a pregnancy update. Until next time...


MamaVee said...

Yeast infections suck, and are common after taking antibiotics. There is a pro-biotic product called Bio-K, that can be found refrigerated in health food stores - it's live acidophiles in a milk culture similar to yogurt, but there is as much live cultures in one little jar of Bio-K as there is in 50 yogurts. If you take one every day for a week, it will completely kill all the bad yeast overgrowth in your system. It's natural and it works. If you have any itching, you can apply it topically and it worked for me even better than the monistat cream.

It's also really helpful to take daily for two weeks before your Groub B Strep swab, as there has been some research recently that shows that women who take probiotics regularly have a higher chance of being negative on their Group B Strep test, and then you don't need to take antibiotics when you're in labour.

Glad you're doing well, your Baby Bump is beautiful!

Eight said...

Hello Kristina!

You look fantastic, as if you just put a basketball beneath your shirt--you haven't gained a pound anywhere else, you lucky girl.

Oh, Kristina, thinking about having a yeast infection for two months makes me uncomfortable for you! I'm glad you found someone with whom you could comfortably speak. I've had the same problem after surgery because of the antibiotics they gave me. I find yogurt applied directly helps, both immediately and long term.

I'm praying you'll feel better soon, stay cool in all this heat!

Eight said...

Oh! Just to make this clear, use PLAIN yogurt. I don't think strawberry or pina colada will help, LOL!

Kristi said...

The drink isn't so bad if it's cold. YAY for last trimesters!!



Stepheny Weaver said...

I personally have never tried the drink, but my mom has, FIVE TIMES! She says that it tastes like Koolaid, but it's ALOT more sugary tasting... it won't be that bad, I'll be praying for you!

I'm excited to see pictures of Kloe!


Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I'm so happy for you and Josh!!!

Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you are doing okay! You are glowing. I can't believe you are almost there!

Yuck, yeast infections suck. I had one while pregnant. You will be fine.

Oh don't worry on the drink. Mine tasted like orange soda mixed with cough syrup. Let me know what yours tasted like.

Are you having any cravings?


~Rebecca~ said...

Can hardly wait to see pictures of the Baby!! ;) Will be praying for you!!!


Jessica said...

You look so cute!! Hope the infection is better. Not sure if I told you... next time you take an antibiotic, eat lots of yogurt. It will help you not get the infection. :)

Sunny said...

Looking very good, Kristina!

I highly recommend cutting back on yeast-containing foods when you are antibiotics. I also eat yogurt and/or take something like Culturelle, which is acidophillus. I tend to end up with diarrhea if I don't, and have had a nasty, icky infection called c-diff secondary to antibiotic use.

I'm kind of mad for you about the doctor thing, I hope you'll bring it up at your next appointment. That's terrible that he/she does not return your calls.

Sunny, RN

Luci said...

You are so pretty ~ you're absolutely growing! :) I pray that the Lord richly blesses your family during this exciting time!


Tasha said...

I realize I'm quite a bit late but I just found your blog tonight and I have some advice for you if you ever get pregnant again. I too suffered with a yeast infection during my pregnancy (over a month) and while I did find yogurt good, the effects were temporary and only lasted a day.

Avoid sugary foods as the bacteria that cause yeast love sugar! I may or may not have been responsible for this infection due to having consumed a bag of Rainbow Chips Ahoy in a day and a half. Ahem, I can neither confirm nor deny ;)

My doctor also told me, when I finally went about it, that OTC creams are ok to use BUT you only want to go as far as the fist knuckle in because the creams can cause the cervix to soften and that can bring on premature labour.

And yes as the others have pointed out, acidophilus and yogurt are good to have beforehand to help prevent (although sometimes no matter how hard you try, there's no prevention).

Anyway, congrats on your little girl, she's a darling. We're going to be welcoming girl #3 in 10 weeks. I can't wait for this pregnancy to be over. It's my last but has been by far, the most mentally and emotionally stressful one.