Saturday, July 03, 2010

My First Coupon Deals

I decided to start collecting coupons a few weeks ago when my sister-in-law Jessica showed me how to get the best deals using them. After a week of collecting coupons from 5 newspapers and the SmartShopper paper that comes in the mail, I was able to take my first shopping trip. I was both excited and nervous about it. I was so scared that I was going to do something wrong and not get the deal that I was hoping to get. Now, granted I did not get the kind of deals that most people get due to the fact that this was my very first trip and I don't have the supply of coupons that the others have. After talking with Jessica I feel pretty good about my first ever coupon shopping experience. Here are the deals I got...

I went to both Publix and CVS to do my shopping. I am going to give you a combined total of spendings and savings.

Before Coupons - $85.83
After Coupons - $27.78
Percentage Saved - 68%

My favorite deals of the night were-
Pampers Swaddlers 36ct. - $6.99
6 M&M Pretzel Candies (two of which are missing, we ate them on the way home)- FREE
3 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo - FREE


Cove Girl said...

Couponing is a lot of fun! i <3 it. MY roommate thinks I'm crazy

Lola said...

That is awesome! I always admire the people who have the patience and planning ability to get great coupon deals like that :o)

Jessica said...

Have you thought about using cloth diapers? If you use the "flat" or "prefold" style with a stay-dry fleece liner and waterproof covers you can have enough diapers to last through several children for about $100-150. :)

Mrs W said...

I'm not into couponing. I'm glad it works for those that live in larger cities though. However, out of all the pictures I've seen of stuff that people get with coupons, I've never seen pictures where they have been able to buy quality healthy food with coupons. Do you find that it is worth eating unhealthy food to coupon? I'm just curious about that, not trying to be mean. I know a lot of people who coupon and it "appears" (and I know things aren't always as they appear) that they are more worried about getting stuff for free than they are about the health value of the food they are buying. I'm not willing to trade health for free or cheaper stuff.

Kristi said...

Great job, Kristina!!! Gotta love those coupons!


Denise said...

I love using coupons. There are also coupon sites online such as where you click on the coupon that you want and print them out. Also, since you are soon to have a little one (congrats), go to baby product sites such as pampers or gerber and get on their mailing lists and they will send you coupons as well.