Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oops, I skipped out on blogging again!!!

I have neglected the blogging world once again...and for that I am sorry, but I have been busy. We are going to be moving this Saturday, so I have been packing up my stuff and getting ready for the move. Other than that though, I have neglected y'all. Now, I am not sure on how much more I will be posting this week because of the move, but if time permits, I will post again.

Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday) was good. We did have something happen on that day that our whole family will probably never forget. Ronnie and Jessica (my brother and sister-in-law) told us Wednesday night that they were expecting their first child. We were all very, very excited! But God had other plans for that precious baby. On Sunday afternoon, Jessica miscarried their precious baby. We were all heart broken...but we knew that at that moment that baby was with Jesus having the best time of it's life!!! What a comfort!!! Ronnie and Jessica seem to be doing well. I have prayed for them so much, and I wanted to ask if you all would do the same, and that God would bless them abundantly with children if it be His will.

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Nicholas Z. Cardot said...

But Kristina, we miss you when you don't blog. You can't just leave us hanging for days on end without any updates.

Oh, all right. I'm just kidding. I hope everything works out well for you guys when your!