Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm ALMOST over it!

Like the title says...I'm ALMOST over this stuff. The fever lasted for 4 to 5 days, and when the fever ended the chills and body-aches went with it. So now all I have is this pesky cough and nasal congestion...and let me tell you, Robitussin is awful, awful stuff!!!! LOL

News over the past few days has!! We found a house that we will be moving to at the end of March. It is nice, but because we will be renting for the first year and because of us going into missions we had to get rid of our precious puppies! I am fine, I loved my dog...but I knew that it had to happen and I have been preparing myself to get rid of them. My mom took it a little bit harder than I did...but she is better now. Who knew you could get so attached to an animal, but it happens.

Daddy has come down with the flu has my brother...Momma is showing signs of getting it...and Michelle is still in the clear!! PRAY FOR EVERYONE! I told my mom yesterday that by the time this thing completely runs it's course, everyone in the state of Georgia is going to have had it. Oh Uncle has it too!

I hope everyone out there stays well....wash your hands OFTEN!!!!


Anna Joy said...

I think you gave me the flu...*sniff* :-D

Dave said...

That great that your family find a house. But that bad that your lose your dogs!


Gods Servant Gal said...

wow that doesnt sound so good.praying for you guys. God bless ya!