Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's gone, it's gone!!!

Finally after all that time I am finally 100% better! I am feeling GREAT! Thanks to everyone for all the comments and prayers...they are greatly appreciated. I hope everyone out there in the blogging world is feeling good, and is still well.

I get to go to Florida this weekend with my Dad. He is preaching a revival for Bro. Tim. My mom and sister are not going because my mom is not gonna be feeling well, and Michelle is staying here to help her out. So, I hope to get a blessing out of this trip. We will leave Saturday and come back early Thursday morning.

I'm sorry I have not been blogging a lot here lately. Once I get out of doing it faithfully it is hard for me to get back into it. Hopefully I will be blogging more in the future.

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Bro Tim said...

I am glad that you are finally feeling 100 percent. I am so looking forward to you all being with us. With the walkers singing and your dad preaching we are expecting the Glory to fall. I pray you all have a safe trip here. We wlll be eating Lasanaga on Monday Night, and then the church is doing Chicken one night and Roast one night.

Bro TIm