Friday, October 19, 2007

Practicing Playing Piano

I'm sorry I have not posted in over a week, but I have been taking a lot of time practicing my piano playing this past week. I wanted to wow my teacher by learning how to play something she had not assigned for me to do.....the song "Just As I Am". With hours of practice and a lot of patients, I did it!! She was so happy! My fingers were so so sore afterwards. :-D

This coming week she has me learning an arrangement of "Silent Night" for Christmas time. I loved the sound of it when she played it for me, it was beautiful!!

Other than piano playing I am taking over doing things for my mom while she is not feeling well. Plus my sister has the week off from babysitting our little cousin, so I have had to keep the boy I babysit company to keep him from be too bored!! That itself is a big job! :-D Well...I hope everyone has a good day. Later on today I will be going to my grandmothers house to help paint a room....that should be fun......I hope!

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Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Good job on being so diligent in learning that song!! God will use your talents some day, if you let him, I'm sure. When we moved here to Jerusalem, my church didn't have a pianist, and I was so sad that I had never taken lessons. I can play the melody with one hand, and the Lord has chosen to use my very small "talents" in our church..... but just imagine what he could do with talents like yours! Keep up the good work for the Lord!
Have fun painting! :)

Kristina said...

Sis. Pam,

Thanks for the encouragement!
I will try to have fun painting tonight.

Bro Tim said...


Good to see you post again. Praise the Lord that you learned a new song. God has really given you a talent to learn the piano. Take advantaged of it and you will be better than you Just Kidding.

Bro TIm

Anonymous said...

Kristina!! Its been a while!! LOL glad to see your back!! LOL

-Kimi :)

Jessica said...

Hey Kris,

I want to hear you play it!!!!! :)
You really are doing GREAT!!! I really think that you are much better than I am now. (And I've been taking lessons for years! That's sad. :( I just don't have the time that you have. What a blessing that the Lord has allowed you to be able to have so much time to practice. Don't ever take that for granted!! One day you won't have time. (Don't get me wrong... I'm NOT complaining!! I love my students, and college, and being with your Brother.... it just seems the older you get, the less time you have.) So practice as MUCH as you can now!! I wish I would have when I was younger.... but now I'm old!! LOL!! :)

(Commenting on what Bro Tim Said)
Hey... look at it this way... even if you never get "better" than Ronnie, I'm sure it will be easier to get you to learn a new song than it is to get him to!! LOL!! :)

Love ya,

Jessica said...

Oh, the dog playing the piano it just too cute!! :)

Jimena said...

Hi Kristina,

Just wanted to also encourage you in your Piano playing. I stated to play when I was 6, but felt forced to learn so I never really enjoyed it. I do remember my teacher telling me that the best thing about playing the piano was to play it in church while praising the Lord (or even at home I'm sure)... it's great that you are enjoying it, I hope you always use it to honour Him and may He use it to bless others with it! God bless you...

Abigail said...

Hello Kristina,
I hope you don't mind me looking at your blog, I found your link from Jessica's site.

I took piano lessons for 10 years. I loved every minute of it. At first, when I was a beginner, I got frustrated very easy, but with time, it got easier and easier for me. I love to play hymn arrangements, classical, and some soundtrack pieces. It's become a great enjoyment for me. I even had the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in a recital, which I enjoyed immensely - I played "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum" by Debussy. You couldn't imagine how nervous I was! But, with lots of practice, got through it with very little mistakes.
Keep up the good work and practice, in no time you won't even have to learn a song, you can just sit down and play!
Good Job!