Monday, October 29, 2007


I am so sorry I have not posted in forever!! It has been a pretty busy couple of days. Saturday we had a table in a group yard sale, and that was a cold, cold day to have a yard sale! I made about $20 dollars at the sale, which was nice.

Sunday morning I got the honor of substitute teaching the 10-12 girls Sunday School class while their teacher had to stay with her sick mother. We don't have a lesson booklet or I taught on Some things to be thankful for. Michelle (my sister) was in there with me to help me out. She took the prayer requests and handled the games, while I taught the class. I had never taught a class before, so I was really nervous. I was thankful when the girls took notice that I was nervous and they made their selves very vocal and attentive. The class went well. I hope to get to do it again sometime soon, I really enjoyed myself!!

Today we got to do a lot of shopping, my mom got to go to Cato's and spend some money on herself. She really enjoyed herself I think. :)

Friday was my last day keeping and teaching Aiden. His mom has put him into a school to help prepare him for school life. We have not heard if he did good with that today, but I am sure he was fine...he makes friends really easy. So now I have ALOT of free time to practice the piano and hopefully get the recital piece completed before Christmas.

Well...I'm off to finish some brownies for the family.....Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!


Bro Tim said...


I am glad to hear you got to teach the girls class this week. I was wondering if you had a desire to teach the kids or not. I am glad to hear you had a good time teaching. So we have 4 girls that like teaching that class plus Mrs Donna not a bad problem. Brownies sure sound good. lol

Bro Tim

Jessica said...

The yard sale was fun... even though it was VERY cold!! I at least made enough to pay for what I spent!! LOL!! :) (Oh, and I did get that blue wreath that I wanted!! You know, the one from that lady at the table next to us) Momma was going to just give it to me for Christmas if I didn't make enough to pay for it... but I did. I spent $17, and I made about $23... so I did pretty good I guess) I think the blue wreath will look pretty with our blue house!! :)

Kimberly said you did good teaching Sunday. I knew you would! I'm glad that your dad is letting all the girls teach. I think it is great to let all of us take part in teaching the class while Mrs Donna is not there.

Yall went shopping!! How neat!! I'm so glad that your mom got to buy herself some things. I know she doesn't do that often. What did you get??

I know you will be glad to have more time to practice the piano. I am looking forward to hearing you play at Christmas time!! I want to hear you play again soon, it's been a while since I've heard you play. (You need to play at church!!)

Love ya,

Julie's Jewels said...

I did have a lot of fun shopping today. I'm not used to shopping for myself though. I found a lot of good deals on what I got though. Thank you for going with me. I hope you had fun too!!

Tiffany said...

Kristina that is so neat you got to teach. I'm sure you did just great! So you guys have a Cato there?? We used to have them here but I haven't seen once in ages. I'm glad your mom got to spend some time and money on just her. She is a great lady and deserves it.