Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doodle Days

Here lately my sister and I have been in a "doodling" mood, we have been drawing people and things. It has been a lot of fun to draw and compare them together. We have had a lot of fun doing so!

My sister Michelle has made some really good pictures that she has put scripture to, I hope she will let me post some sometime. I think they look good!

So in between babysitting, reading, and crocheting I have picked up "doodling" as a hobby. I have really enjoyed it. Other than that I have started a new crocheting project, it is to be a blanket for my cousin Madison for Christmas. I am so excited to get it done. I will post a picture of it once it is finished, if I have enough yarn to finish it!! :)

Michelle made a blanket for our cousin Karlee for Christmas. She is also making some little things Karlee can use for her baby dolls, she has made a hat and she is trying to make some little socks....but it is her first time doing that, so she is not sure how they will turn out.

What do you do when you have spare time? Do you read a book? Play a game? Pick up a note book and pencil and doodle? a game on the computer? :-P Whatever you may do....just have fun!! I know there is no point whatsoever to this post....but was fun to write!!! LOL


Dave said...

I read when I has time.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I sew clothes, quilt, and cross-stitch. I've always thought crocheting sounded fun, but I don't think I'd have any use for the finished projects. ;) I like your have much more talent than I do in that area!

Bro Tim said...

Doodling a new hobby that fits you all perfect. lol. The point to post is you like having fun nothing wrong with that. Doodling not my hobby. lol However I think my new hobby has become talking to you all through the messenger. How fun has that been. lol Have a great day No point to this comment just wanted to right something.

Bro Tim

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture you drew Kristina! I saw it on sunday and it is sooo pretty!!!

-Kimi :)

Ginger said...

Hi Kristina,
Loved your doodle. I go through that stage from time to time. But, I rather write or read a good novel. Or blogging ofcourse!! lol...

Tiffany said...

I read when I have spare time. I love to read. A good book always trumps tv everytime. My oldest daughter loves to draw in her spare time and my youngest has nothing but spare time!

Karla said...

Hey, Kristina,

I like to read, blog, sometimes doodle, listen to music or preaching when I am doing something like cooking, I like teaching my little brother things, and I am learning to sew.

I think it is wonderful that you are staying home, instead of going to college. Sometimes it seems there isn't any IFBaptist young ladies who do this.

Jessica said...

Well, you pretty much know EVERYthing about me. :) But since everyone else doesn't, I'll tell them what I do in my spare time. (Wait a minute... spare time?? I don't have any!! LOL!!) But my favorite things to do are... Pray, Read & Study the Bible, Listen to preacing tapes, spend time with Ronnie, spend time with friends and family, EAT, exercise, and of course BLOG!!! :)

Love ya,