Friday, May 11, 2007

Changes again...

Okay, okay...I know. I changed it again, but there is a good reason for it!! It hurt my eyes to look at that pink background. My lens in my glasses fell out the other day and ever since I have been having problems adjusting to things, and the pink was not helping. So that is the reason for a color change again.

Things have been so, so busy for the past two weeks. I am ready for it to slow down again, but with my and Michelle's graduation coming up that is probably not going to happen until that is over with. I am so excited about graduation, yesterday we went and got the invitations and two autograph posters for people to sign at the get together that we are having. We aren't having a ceremony, we are having a "Graduation Celebration" and that is when we will be handed our deploma's. Our next big thing to do for the graduation is our graduation pictures. We have yet to get that scheduled. Wow.....we have a lot left to do, get the the invitations done and sent out (we are making them ourselves)....and, umm....I think that is it. These things take a lot more work than I thought they would take!!! :)

Well....I guess I'd better get off of here and get to practicing my piano, I have a lot to do before my next lesson!! Like learn how to use that dumb pedal!! That thing is a pain, did you know that??? Hehe! Oh well....Toodles!

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