Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Introducing a New Blog

My husband has decided to start a blog for the audio ministry. He is very excited about it and wants all the world to stop by and listen to the preaching that he has posted thus far. The only messages on there right now are from Pastor Ricky Gravley and Pastor Jim Veitch. Please stop by and let him know you were there...also if you want to, you can link to it in a post letting others know about it.

Josh's Blog


Stephanie said...

I posted it on my blog----hope it goes viral!!!!!!

Patricia said...

A bit off topic, but I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your blog tonight--indeed, from the very beginning! I must confess I shed a few tears at the beautiful, miraculous way you and Joshua found each other, as well as the way you maintained your dignity and integrity, adhered and clung to your faith, and became man and wife with such glorious gifts to give each other. I am married to a Joshua myself and found that he is indeed my 'gift of salvation' every day, as his name promises, and I would have no other in the world; I'm sure you feel the same about yours! I pray that all you hope for comes to fruition and that there are the pitter patters of a little Joshua or a little Kristina as God wishes! From the looks of him with your new niece he seems quite the natural with infants! May the Lord be with you always,