Saturday, October 31, 2009

I think I'm getting sick...AGAIN!

This time I believe I am coming down with that good ole strep throat...UGH, being sick stinks! I really hope that's not what it is, I really want to go back to church on Sunday. Josh and I had to miss last Sunday and Wednesday due to whatever it is that we have-had, whatever. LOL I'm just so ready to be well again.

I'll be going to the Dr. within the next 3 hours are so. I have yet to get any sleep due "cough, cough" to the "cough" coughing "cough, cough, cough"...whew, sorry! ;o) Please, please pray it's not strep, I HATE that stuff!!! Oh, plus I think Josh is getting whatever this is as well, pray for him as well...he has no sick leave at work. One of those -work when your sick or you're fired- type of places.


Patricia said...

I'm sorry you're feeling poorly and I hope the doctor and prayers will help. I bet this is one of those times you wish Vanna had a snooze button so you could stay in bed! Feel better and bless you,

Patricia and Joshua

Anonymous said...

One thing that will cure strep in 24 hours is RAW Honey, garlic, and cayenne. Cut up four or five cloves of garlic pour honey over than add a pinch or two (as much as you can stand) of cayenne. take a teaspoon to tablespoon every hour. Do not drink after wards just let it stay on the back of your throat. It works better and faster than the medicine the doctors prescribe. Blessings Lisa

Anonymous said...

I have a question about your sidebar saying "God's perfect will for my life." That seems a very bold claim.

In my understanding, the only person who was/is ever in God's perfect will is Jesus. The rest of us, Christian or not, sin. If we sin we cannot possibly be in God's perfect will.

Does "God's perfect will" mean something different to you?

~Rebecca~ said...

My family has had nasty colds this fall!
We will be praying for you and Josh!!