Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Blog

With the discussion of abortion being here on my blog, I decided to make a blog specifically for that topic. I will be posting videos, pictures, and articles on the subject. Please go and check it out!

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amulbunny said...

The procedure is legal all over the world. Why just single out America? Are we more special than other countries?

My biggest concern is that the pro-lifers protest the procedure, yet when a woman chooses to have her child, who is there to help her and adopt it if she doesn't wish to be part of it's life? Sad as it is there are people who should not be parents.

If there is so much concern about the fetus, then there should be just as much concern for the child that will be born.


MamaVee said...

I'm very interested to see what kind of "discussion" you have on your new blog, seeing as you basically seem to publish only the comments that agree with your position or those that disagree in a specific way in which can be easily rebutted by your rhetoric.(judging by the fact that you stated you don't publish all comments received and on the comments that appeared and the fact that you did not publish my comment from yesterday on your abortion post)Discussion means a two way street, and I understand not publishing comments with profanity, but

I would like to re-raise the point I tried to make yesterday:

How can women “choose” to carry a pregnancy when they are alone and lacking support? Abortion is the only choice at that point. Let me put it this way: If you are in the unfortunate position of having unwanted pregnancy, and you choose to carry will be (pick one or more) alone/judged/lose your job/abused (Women are more likely to be physically abused during pregnancy than any other time in their lives) Women in this situation choose abortion because the pregnancy problem disappears, and while there may be long term emotional repercussions, we all think bad things like that won’t happen to us, and the short term the crisis is resolved.

Women choose abortion because their life is lacking safe, loving relationship. As far as I can tell, nearly every reason for choosing abortion can be traced back to this. Women in abusive relationships, women in unstable financial positions, women struggling with addiction, women with difficult family situations, women with unsupportive partners…the list is endless, but the reasons women choose abortion seem to boil down to broken relationships - relationships broken by abuse, pre-marital sex, poverty, lack of support.

The fact is that we live in a Fallen world full of sin. The world is a broken place. I believe that God will, and is in the process of, bringing wholeness and redemption to us. Until He is finished His work, until His “kingdom comes”, there will be brokenness. As long as there is brokenness, there will be abortion.

I pray for a day when the church would stop lobbying to take away the choices of women, and start investing that time, energy and prayer into LOVING women. In supporting, protecting and providing for them and their families.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, why don't you just go blog with those who agree with your sick mindednes? If that is the way you feel then you will answer for it, but don't harrass Sis. Krisina because she has the courage to stand for what she believes in.

It's one of those cases where, if you don't like it, don't come here. It IS her blog and she has the right to post what she wants, and not you or anyone else has to like it.

How warped can people get, I mean really?

Becca said...


There are THOUSANDS of people in the US who want to adopt newborn babies. However, I completely agree with you that we need more programs to support women and children in this country. Here is my question for so-called pro-choicers: where is the real choice here? If a woman is feeling forced into ending a pregnancy, there is something wrong with our society. In a perfect world, women wouldn't need to get abortions (unless her life was in danger). So instead of focusing ONLY on abortion rights, I challenge you to do exactly what you're challenging pro-lifers to do: focus less on abortion and more on providing support for women and children!