Thursday, December 25, 2008

The BESTEST Christmas gift ever!

I'm Courting!!!

God gave me the BESTEST Christmas present ever! It was made official tonight! I am so excited!!! I guess you want to know his name, huh? Okay...his name is Josh, he is a great godly man, and I am so thankful that the Lord sent him my way!! There is nothing like the peace of God and KNOWING this is what God wants!!! All I can say is "WOW" and "GOD IS SO GOOD!"


Jennifer said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you!!

Sis. Julie said...

I'm so excited and proud for you Honey!! I prayed so hard that God would give you the desire of your heart in a mate and God has done just that!! I can't praise Him enough!! We love Josh and are so excited to see what God is doing in y'alls lives and what He will continue to do!! I love you and am so happy for you!!!

Nikki said...

aw, that's awesome!

Lyndy said...


Stopping by from your mom's blog. I am so happy for you. What a wonderful surprise.

You will have to share all the excitement with us. How/when/where did you meet and all that good stuff. (lol)

I am excited to see how God works in your lives.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hi Hunny! It's Aunt Sherri!
Congratulations!I am so happy for ya!! Keep me posted. Tell ur Momma I will call her later or on Friday.
Luv ya

Tiffany said...

I stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and now I see that congratulations are in order too!! How wonderful! I wish you all the best! Merry Christmas!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Again, Congrats! :)
Keep us posted on things! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Praying for you.