Monday, June 02, 2008

It Is Well

I was reading this morning in II Kings where Elisha promised a woman and her husband a son, and then years later..the boy died. When she ran to fetch Elisha, he asked her if all was well...and she responded "It is well". With all that had just happened, she had lost her son and she still replied that it was well. Even though it seemed like her world was coming to an end, in her soul...all was well.

I want to be able to say that with everything that I go through no matter what it may be, I can say "It is well". Praise God for his sweet, sweet peace!!!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I love that story!
God is so wonderful to give us peace in such troublesome times!!

Bro Tim said...

Amen Kristina couldn't agree with you more. I know that as his children he is able to give us the grace to get through anything we are going through.

Bro Tim

Sis. Julie said...

Thank you for this reminder Kristina. I try to remember this always...but I have to say that I have let the situation we are facing cloud that truth. I know it is well with my soul in my one can take that away from me. But it is well in every other area easily we forget that. Thank you!!

Jennifer said...

Yes it is well..reminds me of the song it is well with my soul!! Im praying for your sister:)