Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Absent Again!

I know...I know...I vanished again. But there has been a WHOLE lot going on! On the 16th we had my Dad's surprise 40th Birthday party, and that was a blast! There were so many people in my grandparents house, we could barely move. Then on the 22nd we had Ronnie and Jessica over for cake and ice cream for Michelle's 18th. Then the 23rd was Michelle's 18th birthday and the day that she moved out of the home. She is already doing things that she knows is wrong. Please pray for her, she really needs it. And please pray for my parents, this is hard on them. Just please pray for our family, we are going through some tough times. Thanks to all of you who have been, it is greatly appreciated!


Bro Tim said...

It was good talking to you this morning. We are praying for her and you and your mom and dad. The Lord is still in control

Bro Tim

Jessica said...

We are praying for her. I hate to see all this happening.

Love you,

Amanda said...

Hey Kristina,
Sorry things are so hard for your family right now. Praying for you.

Amanda P.

stepheny weaver said...

I'll be praying! Dosen't sound good. :( BTW, I am a frequent visitor... and I love looking at your blog! I don't ever comment until I have visited the blog for a while. I have been visiting for about 5 months now. :)

Love, Stepheny
P.S., my blog is
http://stepheny-weaver.blogspot.com/ Hope to see you visit!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family!