Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Absolutely Awesome Week

This week has just been wonderful!! There was a youth meeting that was being hosted by our church, and oh what a blessing it was. I got so much help and encouragement from the preaching. It only went from Monday-Wednesday....what a bummer! Yesterday everyone was asking me what was up because I was just acting so happy! I was just completely overjoyed and bubbly and happy! :o)

This week coming up my mom and I will be at campmeeting. We praise the Lord that we are even able to go, at first there was no way we were going to be able to go because of our unexpected trip to MS, but the Lord provided at a revival meeting the other night. Someone gave us the money and told us that it was to be used to get us to camp and back.

Then the next week I will be going to a youth camp. I am so excited to be going to all these meetings three weeks in a row! I just love being around the singing and the preaching! I am so so so excited!!!

I pray everyone has a good week and hopefully I will be able to post on next Saturday how the week at campmeeting went.


Bro Tim said...

Kristina I am so glad that the Lord has been helping you with these meetings I hope you get what you need next week at camp, and then the following week at youth camp. Just keep a tender heart to the Lord and it is no telling what he will be able to do with you.

Bro Tim

Jennifer said...

I am so happy you have had such an awesome week!! We are fixing to have in July our big Youth Jubilee!! I am so excited , i love camp meetings and revivials!! There so much fun and wonderful:) Have a great day and god bless!!