Monday, November 05, 2007

Please pray for Daddy.

I wanted to come on here and ask y'all to pray for my Daddy. His fibromyalgia has been acting up on him so bad that he went to the hospital yesterday. He did teach Sunday School and preach the morning service, but he got to where he felt so bad that he could not wait any longer. So they went to the hospital.
They told him that is was an abscessed tooth, so they gave him the penicillin to take care of the infection and some pain medicine to take off the edge of the pain. They told him that in the chance that it is not an abscess the medicine that they gave him would take care of whatever it was.
Today he is not doing good. He got out of bed long enough to take more medicine and went back to bed.
I have never seen my Daddy hurt this bad. He just needs a lot of prayer right now.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry and I will be praying!!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I will pray for your Daddy. I know how hard it is to watch your father be in pain. I can remember the few times in my life that I have seen my Dad cry, or be in extreme pain. They were all very hard to watch. I will also pray for your peace through this.

Jessica said...

I'm praying for him!! I could tell he was hurting BAD yesterday. I thank the Lord that he was able to do the service yesterday morning. I hope he is feeling better soon!!

Love yall,

Bro Tim said...

Kristina I am praying. I hate that your dad is in so much pain right now but hopefully it is the abcess tooth and it will go away now that he is on this medicine. Pray that God gives you all the strength as a family to get through this. God Bless YOu

Bro Tim

Tiffany said...

I'll be praying for you dadd. I know how painful an abcess tooth can be! I had one in June and just wanted to stay asleep so I couldn't feel the pain. It is hard to see someone you love hurt. I pray he feels better.

Katy-Anne said...

Ugh I know how that feels. I'm sorry he's hurting so bad.