Friday, November 02, 2007

"Do they see Jesus?"

"Christ in you, the hope of glory." (Col. 1:27)
"Beholding....the steadfastness of your faith in Christ." (Col. 2:5)

Has someone seen Christ in you today?
Christian, look to your heart, I pray;
The little things that you've done or said,
Did they accord with the way you prayed?
Have your thoughts been pure, your words been kind;
Have you sought to have the Saviour's mind?
The world with a criticizing view,
Has watched, but did it see Christ in you?

Has someone seen Christ in you today?
Oh, Christian, be careful, watch and pray.
Look up to Jesus in faith, and then,
Lift up unto Him your fellow-men;
Upon your own strength you cannot rely;
There's a fount of grace and strength on high,
Go to that fount and your strength renew,
And the life of Christ will shine through you.

~C. B. Hopkins.

I loved this poem when I read it. It was a great reminder of how we are to act and speak so that others will see Christ in us.


Karla said...

Hey, a friend of mine had mentioned to me about Phil Kidd and then when you talked about him I decided I would look him up on googl and see if he had any sermons online and I did and found them on and they were great sermons.

Kristina said...


Thanks for giving that link...I will have to look at it when I get the time.

Kate said...

I go to Kimberly's blog and she had a link to yours....

I was reading Jessica's blog. I read the comment about the Furbys. That is weird!
Were they making the mumbling noises they make or actually talking words?

I didn't know what could be wrong with Tellietubbies.

Have a great day!

Kristina said...

They were talking.

Thanks for coming by my site, it is always refreshing to see a new commenter! :)

Kate said...

Oh my goodness! And the fact that one of them didn't have any batteries! I wander how that could have happened? I used to have 4 Furbys but not the find that has batteries, the stuffed animal kind you can buy for $1.
If they both had batteries are they supposed to talk?