Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Joke

I thought I would lighten the atmosphere on my site with a joke. I heard this at a revival I went to last week and I thought it was pretty funny. Some of you may have heard it before, if you have....humor me anyway!! LOL

Hilary was asleep in the the White House when a ghost appeared to her. She took note of the fact that it was a man, then she realized it was George Washington. She asked him a question.

"How shall I best serve the people?"
George replied "Never lie."
She said "Oops!"

A second ghost came, this one was Thomas Jefferson. She repeated the question.
"How shall I best serve the people?"
Thomas replied "Serve them, not yourself."
She said "Oops!"

A third ghost came, this one being Abraham Lincoln. She repeated the question.
"How shall I best serve the people?"
Abraham replied "Go to the theater!"


Bro Tim said...

An update No things are going wonderful here. We had a man join last Sunday Night and I believe we have at least two families that are interested in the church that are visiting. Not heard that joke but how true. Have a good night

Bro Tim

Julie's Jewels said...

Glad to see you posted something. I've been noticing that there are some leaving comments other places that are saying they keep looking for a post from you. I think you better get back to it girl!! Love you!!


David Scott said...

I thought you two looked alike! You're related to everyone!

Kristina, great joke!

Jessica said...

Hey Kris,

You posted!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

That's funny, I haven't heard that before.

Love you,

Jessica said...

Ok, I'm commenting again...

I was just going to say, when I wasn't posting you were... and now that I am, you aren't. What is up with that!? LOL!!

Just kidding, I know you are busy.

Love you,

Dave said...

Great Post!!! Thank for stoping by and comment. That is great thta you getting to learn by observation.